Why Everyone’s Talking About Pump Tracks?

Pump tracks are becoming more and more popular! You can tell because whenever a new one opens up, people of all ages rush to check it out – just like what happened at the pump track opening in Deutschlandsberg. And guess what? Studies show that pump tracks are a big hit too! The German Sport University Cologne checked out a pump track in Cologne for 3 whole months*. And you know what they found? Every single day, there were visitors enjoying the track. But wait, there’s more! In those 3 months, people rode a total of 21,120 km. That’s like going halfway around the Earth!

Pump track riding is becoming super popular as a sport. But what’s so awesome about pump tracks that make everyone, kids and grown-ups, want to ride them? Well, in this article, we’re gonna share 7 reasons with you. Get ready to feel inspired!

feeling good while rushing through the pump track
Feeling good while rushing through the berms.

1. Feel good effect

You know that feeling when you’re just totally in your element? Well, pump track riders know it well. Pump tracks aren’t just about getting fit – although that’s a big part of it. They’re all about that rush of excitement and the sense of freedom you get when you’re tearing it up on the track.

And let’s not forget about the mental benefits of pump track riding. It’s not just about the physical workout – although that’s definitely a big part of the appeal. Spending time outdoors, surrounded by nature, has a way of melting away stress and lifting your spirits. It’s like hitting the reset button for your mind. And the best part? Pump track riding can actually help sharpen your focus and improve your cognitive function. So, not only do you get to enjoy the thrill of riding, but you also come away feeling refreshed and mentally sharp. It’s a win-win situation that keeps riders coming back for more!

kids waiting in line to hit the ride on the pump track
It’s always good to see crowded places like this.

2. Sport instead of screens

You know how it goes – when we find something we love, we just can’t get enough of it. That’s exactly what happens with pump tracks. Once you give it a try, you’re hooked! There’s something about the mix of fresh air, hanging out with friends, and zipping around that’s just irresistible. And it’s not just grown-ups who are into it – kids and teens are all about pump tracks too! They’re a fantastic way to tear them away from screens and get them moving. In fact, a study* on the pump track in Cologne found that a whopping 60% of the users were children.

“For me, a pump track is a perfect way to hang out with friends, enjoy nature, breathe in fresh air, and get moving,” says Sophia Gutöhrle, who won second place in the Junior Women’s Downhill at the 2020 MTB World Championships. So, it’s pretty clear: pump tracks are all about promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for kids and teens.

People cheering up at the pump track race
Come. Ride. Cheer. Stay!

3. Pump track as a meeting point

At the pump track, everyone comes together, no matter their age! From little kids with their parents or grandparents to teenagers and young adults, everyone thoroughly enjoys, making it a true community hub. The little ones learn how to ride and gain confidence, while the more experienced riders practice their skills. And parents? Well, they have a great time too, watching their kids zoom around the track. Pump tracks have this cool urban design that attracts people, especially if there’s some green space around too. So, it’s not just about riding – it’s about hanging out and having fun together!

Kids puting on the helmets to start with a bike ride on a pump track.
Pump tracks provide a safe space to learn and develop new skills.

4. Safety first

We talked about this in one of our previous blog posts: neighborhoods with pump tracks have cyclists who are really good at riding. This is super important, especially in cities where there are lots of cars on the roads. Riding safely is a big deal! In cities, there are all sorts of obstacles like stairs, curbs, and different kinds of surfaces that come along with those cars. But on pump tracks, you can practice your riding skills in a safe spot. Rolling around the tracks helps you get better at balancing and makes you feel more confident on your bike. If you want to know more about riding safely on a pump track, check out the tips from the experts at Bike School Pekoll in our article!

Kid taking a selfy with his idol.
Pump track as a meeting spot for the new/old friends.

5. Pump tracks helps integrating in the community

For newcomers in town eager to connect with others, pump tracks are the place to be. These spots are buzzing with activity, drawing crowds due to their popularity. They offer an easy avenue to meet people and bond over shared experiences while engaging in sports. Although activities like biking, skating, and rollerblading are typically seen as solo pursuits, they foster strong communities. Pump tracks, in particular, have earned a reputation for their cool factor, attracting like-minded individuals looking to join in on the action. Many pump tracks also have local clubs involved, whether it’s for training kids or organizing events, providing another opportunity to become part of a larger family-like community.

Kids riding on a pump track
Pump tracks: where the next generation of mountain bikers begins their journey.

6. Prepare for the next mountain bike adventure

For mountain biking enthusiasts who enjoy both leisurely rides and tackling challenging trails, pump track riding offers a significant advantage. As we mentioned earlier, moving on a pump track is excellent for building endurance. Moreover, spending time on the pump track enhances users’ overall riding abilities. They become more proficient at essential skills like cornering, weight distribution, and jumping – all crucial elements for mastering trails. Additionally, the more time spent on the pump track, the more adept users become at accelerating on various sections of the trail, a skill that proves invaluable when tackling trails.

Bring the fun right at your doorstep!

7. Fun, fun, and more fun

Those who ever ridden on a pump track, know exactly what we’re talking about: it’s an instant mood lifter! Pump track riding unleashes those feel-good endorphins, making it an exhilarating experience every single time. And the best part? You don’t need to be a pro or have any special skills to enjoy it. Pump tracks are easy to hop on and give it a go. But fun means different things to different people. Some love the social aspect, meeting others who share their passion. For some, it’s all about getting better at riding and mastering new skills. And then there are those who just love being outside and soaking up the fresh air.

Have you tried it before? Visit our reference page, to find the nearest Alliance pump track and try it out. Is it too far? We can change that. Contact us today and we can help you bring this fun sports infrastructure close to you!

*Siebert, S., Ehlen, N., Schmidt, L. (2020): Pilot project Pumptrack in Cologne. Results report, Cologne: German Sport University Cologne, Institute for Outdoor Sports and Environmental Research