What makes a great playground and why pump track is one of them?

Kids’ holidays are here, days are longer, the heat is on and with all mentioned comes trips to the local playground for a little frolic and fun after temperatures go lower and the air is breathable again. Playgrounds are consequently quite busy these days as kids love to swing, slide or move around with their favorite tools on wheels.

About empty, busy, and really full playgrounds

We all know that playgrounds come in different shapes and sizes and serve different age groups. Some are packed with kids and other visitors while others are abandoned. In this blog post, we explore which characteristics make playgrounds packed with visitors. Read on to find out more about what types of activities and equipment are going to stimulate kids so that they are getting the most out of their playground experience. Because we all know it: if kids not only beg you to go home but beg you to stay longer, that’s when you’ve hit the jackpot

Pump track Feldkirchen, Austria

7 elements that make a great playground

Here is a list of the key elements that make a playground a great playground.

A playground should encourage kids to run, jump, toss, throw, hop, slide, swing, climb, and MOVE. Play equipment should have both moving parts (swings, activity panels, and balance activities with movable parts) and a place where kids can freely move around (running or moving with their favorite toy on wheels). Pump tracks for kids for sure cover the need for the move. By following the pump track kids are encouraged to use the whole body while having fun moving around the pump track.

A great playground should incorporate the natural world around it. A lot of green space is key for activation. With organic shape and grass that covers berms and surroundings around the pump track, we incorporate nature into our design. The diverse design of a pump track with its organic shape resembles the natural environment. We also try to keep the already existing trees or encourage our clients to plant them after the pump track is already there. Trees will not only bring shades but can also be a great playground once they are big enough.

Urban park Ljubljana, Slovenia

Your local playground should look sound and feel attractive. Sound, color, and texture excite the senses and ignite a child’s imagination. With their attractive look, pump tracks for sure bring kids’ desire to join the crowd and follow along the path.

Balance is an important skill for children to develop – and what’s more, they usually have fun doing it! Playgrounds should have unusual balance elements, which test their participants’ balancing savvy. Riding on the pump track with their balance bike, scooter, or other sports equipment on wheels, kids can easily develop their balance skills while having lots of fun.

A great playground should be appealing to the entire family. The ideal space has apart from play elements also plenty of shade elements, picnic, benches, and other urban furniture. But what if we tell you that the pump track is not only a kids’ playground? We are proud to say that pump tracks are multigenerational playgrounds – everyone from an early age to the ones only young by heart will enjoy riding them.

Pump track Poreč, Croatia

Children are likely to be stimulated by friendly competition with their peers. A playground should be rich with subtle opportunities for this kind of social integration – be it parallel climbing bars where children can see who climbs across the fastest, a double slide is a good addition, or a friendly race on a pump track where they can compete by who will do more loops, who will jump higher, and of course, who will be the fastest.

A playground should be accessible to everyone. A great playground will provide play at ground level; multi-sensory play opportunities (sight, sound, touch), and a safe surface for everyone. Pump tracks are accessible to the widest spectrum of users of all age groups and skill levels. For its use one doesn’t need to have an expensive bike or other equipment. Furthermore, pump tracks are also suitable for use with wheelchairs. You can read more about pump tracks and safety here.

So, does your local playground have all seven elements? No? No problem, we are here to help. Contact us and we will make sure you and your kids will have a perfect place to go, have fun, exercise, and socialize.