We are building the third pumptrack in Moscow

Last fall we have built the first asphalt pumptrack in Moscow, Russia. It is located in the Maryno district and stretches on more than 5.000 m2. As such it is one of the largest pumptracks in the world. Based on the positive feedback from the Maryno project we got several new requests for pumptracks in Moscow as well as in other parts of Russia. In the spring we have built asphalt pumptrack in Cherkizovo (Moscow) and now we are building one in Pushkino district. In addition, we have built asphalt pumptrack in Sevastopol and in October we plan to build one in Sankt Peterburg.

Asphalt pumptrack in Pushkino will be the third such object in Moscow. In comparison with the previous tracks that stretch on more than 5.000 or 2.000 m2, this one will be much smaller. It will stretch on 700m2 and most of its surface will be covered with asphalt. We have adapted it for the youngest users as it will target families (it is positioned in front of new shopping mall). Private investor decided for pumptrack as our tracks are suitable for kids from the age of 2 on and can be ridden with striders, bikes, scooters and other sport equipment on wheels. 

Based on our experiences from Rabac, Croatia, where we have already implemented pumptrack adapted for the youngest users, we have developed a special design. Pumptrack will enable kids to learn to ride a bike as well as to develop their riding techniques. As mentioned it will also enable fun for the users of other wheeled sports equipment.

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