Urban parks

An outdoor living room for your community

What Is an Urban Sports Park?

With the intensification of many communities, urban residents no longer have access to their private backyards for outdoor exercise and social activities. Urban Sports Parks are consequently becoming outdoor living rooms – a space for unstructured, spontaneous activities and passive use rather than organized sports. Combining a variety of urban sports facilities, clustered and connected by an open space network that includes trails, picnic areas, and native grass areas, Urban Sports Parks are ensuring the necessary infrastructure for sustainable growth and high quality of life. They are where our communities thrive.

Located in The Very Being of The Community

Ensuring recreational spots in concentrated and densely populated city areas can be difficult. That is why we must innovate the space around us to maximize its use. Providing easily accessible spaces for informal and multi-purpose spaces for sport and recreation in the very fabric of our cities, Urban Sports Parks maximize the community development aspect that sport can have. In addition, they also offer community space for other events. Urban Sports Parks can be developed in overlooked and unexpected places such as schoolyards, under overpasses, etc., which makes them easy to place in almost any community.

For the Whole Community

Urban Sports Parks provide accessible public space with a great diversity of recreational, leisure, and play opportunities in an attractive green setting, creating outdoor living rooms for the whole community. They represent inclusive and multicultural outdoor spaces, ideal for self-expression and socializing, thus suitable for the whole community, from kids, teenagers, and adults as well as for the disabled and elderly.

For the Higher Quality Of Life

To make the neighborhood dynamic and alive, more than just a residential function is needed. Outdoor exercise and social interactions are fundamental for the physical and mental health of the whole community. That is why it is essential to redesign public spaces in residential areas by using the power and common language of sport. Implementation of Urban Sports Parks will encourage physical activity, and social inclusion and increase the overall quality of life. As Urban Sports Parks are attractive green settings, they can also have important contributions to urban climate mitigation.

Why Clients Trust us

With more than a decade of experience under our belts in implementing action sports infrastructure, we know what works and what doesn’t. We’ll take care of everything you need to get an exciting spot your community would love.

One point of contact

We provide a full scope of services ranging from conception to detailed construction planning, maintenance, and promotion of your pump track. As we are not intermediaries, we can supervise the entire process, and ensure a fast installation and the highest possible quality.

Expert knowledge

Creating organic shapes and coating almost vertical slopes with asphalt requires special skills. With more than 200 pump tracks built and developing a special asphalt mixture, our crews have what it takes to deliver a high-quality pump track for your community.

Peace of mind

Being dedicated to quality, we are proud to offer a long-term warranty for all our pump tracks. A 7-year- warranty is the longest in the industry and shows just how confident we are in our pump tracks.

Planned individually

Each of our pump tracks is custom-designed by our team of experienced pump track planners and landscape architects to suit the needs of the local community and fits perfectly in the available area.


We constantly thrive to improve our designs, and search for new materials and construction techniques, so that your community will get a state-of-the-art pump track.

TÜV approved

Safety is our utmost priority. We design and build all our pump tracks in accordance with corresponding norms and standards. All our pump tracks are also inspected by an independent safety expert.

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