The special four

Each of our pump tracks is special in its own way and suited to its own target users. However, some of the pump tracks we have made so far stand out. It was not an easy task to pick 3 among almost 200 pump tracks we had made so far, so we decided to pick up 4 of the most special pump tracks.

1. The ingenious one

📍Davos Klosters, Switzerland

Planning and building a pump track in mountain biking mecca is an honor and an obligation to give maximum effort to develop a pump track that would serve the demanding local and international community.

Davos was even more special. Located in the area of an aerial adrenaline park, next to the road that is in the winter season used for the nordic skiing world cup race, met with several limitations. Meeting the need for a bigger pump track that would serve the needs of more experienced riders in a limited available space, we had to make a compromise and use all our skills to make the most out of this project.

Built in a negative manner, we have managed to save some space, In addition, support walls helped us to gain some additional space as well. Dealing with all constraints, we could implement a dynamic pump track combined with pillars of an aerial adventure park. In such a way we have used the area to the maximum. Next to the pump track, visitors can also find dirt jumps, a concrete skate park, and a restaurant with the best pizza in the area. Combine it with a picturesque mountain environment and you have one of our most special projects.

2. The one with the big jump line

📍Lebring, Austria

Located in the proximity of the second largest Austrian city Graz, Lebring offers a full package for riders of all ages and skill levels. Youngsters are welcome on the pump track for kids’, while older and more skilled can enjoy riding a mirrored race track. In addition, one of the longest and biggest jump lines will ensure fun for most experienced visitors.

Pumptrack Lebring, one of the biggest pump tracks in Austria, is located in a sports park, next to the football court and next to the elementary school.

3. The beloved one

📍Budapest, Hungary

The pump track in Budapest is one of our latest projects. Positioned along the popular cycling and walking path in the suburbs of the Hungarian capital it attracts visitors from the whole region. The pump track, which is the biggest in the country replaced dirt jumps that were there for several years.

As the jumps were not maintained the number of users was declining and the unmaintained objects represented a potential risk to its users. Building an asphalt pump track will address the drawback of dirt structures as they almost don’t require maintenance. Pumptrack itself is diverse and enables several transitions and step-by-step progression. As the area has been a synonym for dirt jumping, we have also added a jump line loop that extends from the main pump track.

4. The biggest one

📍Moscow, Russia

Even though we have built this pump track some time ago, it is with almost 5000 m2 still our biggest. Located in the sports and recreational park next to the Moscow river the pump track is composed of the kids’ track, main track, and BMX-style track. Serving the needs of a strong local BMX club and the wider community, this pump track provides fun for almost any visitor. At the same time, this project was our first in Moscow and Russia. Definitely a special pump track we will always remember.