Welcome to the latest edition of News from the Field! After an amazing start of the year which we sum up in a blog post  From Spain to South Africa, we haven’t slowed down one bit. Our team has been buzzing with activity in all fields, and we’re thrilled to share the latest developments with you.

Pump Tracks Updates: Latest Developments in Europe and Beyond

Our primary focus remains on pump tracks, and we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve already completed 22 of them so far. But hold on tight, there are plenty more thrilling pump tracks on the horizon! Keep reading to stay updated on our progress so far.

Austria: 12 Pump Tracks Completed and Counting!

Great news from Austria! This year, we’ve added 12 new Alliance pump tracks to the region. Our team has been busy, and we’re delighted to share some of the completed projects with you.

After Perg, Rechnitz, Taufkirchen an der Pram and a modular pump track in Hallwang, we’ve successfully finished pump tracks in Gradkorn, Bad Radkersburg (our second one there!), St. Valentin and in Reid im Traukreis. After finishing a pump track in Hart bei Graz our team also took over the preparation works for the upcoming skate park. Lastly, we’re excited to share that pump tracks in Berndorf bei Salzburg, Taiskirchen im Innkreis and in Detschlandsberg are as well ready for rock’n’roll. And here comes the biggest news of the season. We just started with preparation works of one of the biggest pump tracks in Austria and around – Stattegg. Stay tuned to hear more about this project.

Pump Track Berndorf bei Salzburg

Spain: Concrete Pump Track Project Underway!

Following our successful project in Igualada, we’ve now embarked on a new adventure in Tolosa. This time, we’re crafting a top-notch concrete pump track. Our team prepared the construction of the pump track and will now continue the project with our partners to bring this masterpiece to life.

Pump Track Tolosa

Croatia: The party has started in three new locations

After successfully completing pump tracks in Zagreb region –  Sv. Ivan Žabno and Desinič, our team has moved to Vrbovec. These three amazing pump tracks have already been officially opened, and are spreading joy and happiness among the local communities and visitors from near and far.

Pump Track Vrbovec

Hungary: 3 New Pump Tracks and Counting!

We’ve successfully built three new pump tracks this season. After completing projects in Környe and Hatvan, we’re proud to announce that Budapest now has its second Alliance pump track, while the third one is about to be built in the following weeks. In the coming weeks, we’ll be wrapping up our work on the pump track in Tiszaujvaros, while Veces will follow.

Pump Track Budapest 19

South Africa: Pump Track at Cape Vulture Resort!

We’re thrilled to share our most exciting project from a few months ago! At the Cape Vulture resort, we’ve successfully built a pump track, marking the first step towards creating a brand new recreational zone as part of a larger vision. This project is set to boost sustainable ecotourism in the area, offering accessible and thrilling recreational opportunities for both locals and visitors. By blending these facilities with the region’s natural beauty, we aim to inspire a greater appreciation for the environment and promote responsible outdoor practices. Stay tuned for more developments as we continue to enhance this fantastic location!

Pump Track Cape Vulture

North Macedonia: Strumica Welcomes Alliance Pump Track

We have built our 4th pump track in North Macedonia, this one is proudly standing in the largest city in southeastern North Macedonia Strumica, designed to serve all generations and cater to various wheeled sports equipment. Get ready for some wheel-spinning fun!

Trail-Building Season Update: Trails on the Rise!

We’re in the midst of an exciting trail-building season! Fantastic skills park in Vorchdorf (AT), which we completed last year, officially opened a month ago. Our efforts have also extended to Vurberk (SI), where we assisted a trail-building community in constructing a jump section at one of their trails.

Currently, we’re hard at work on two trail projects at Slovenian ski resorts. In Rogla, we’re crafting two family trails that are part of an exciting new lift project. Over at mt. Vogel, our team is rejuvenating a family trail that was once on the very top of the ski resort. We can’t wait to see these trails come to life and provide joy to locals and visitors alike!

Rogla Trail

Skate Park News: From Serbia to Slovenia!

We’ve successfully completed the skate park in Kruševac, Serbia, and now, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve begun a big project in Slovenia. By the end of this year, the City of Velenje will be home to a brand new skate park that will cover more than 2000 m2. Construction has just started, and we can’t wait to share more details about this exciting project soon.

Skate park Kruševac

What else is there?

At Alliance, we’re always listening to your needs and striving to innovate. Based on your requests, we’re excited to announce the addition of new products to our lineup, designed to take your recreational facilities to the next level.

Bridging the Gap With Urban Jump Parks

After constructing over 200 pump tracks worldwide, we’ve observed a consistent trend: advanced riders particularly relish the thrill of jumping. This prompted us to innovate, integrating jump lines into our pump tracks as an exciting enhancement. These additions quickly became a hit, widely embraced by users of all ages and skill levels. Inspired by their success, we’ve evolved the concept further, elevating the jump lines from an add-on feature to a central attraction. Introducing the next step in urban recreational facilities: the urban jump park — a dedicated, circular track solely designed for the exciting experience of jumping. Read more about Urban Jump Parks!

Alliance Bike Features For All Generations

The safety of bike riders, whether in urban centres or natural surroundings, is our utmost priority. We have been writing about the importance of pump tracks in the municipalities so users can enhance their skills within a secure and controlled environment and become better riders. We are excited to introduce our latest product – Alliance Bike Features – Your solution to elevating the biking experience and a fun factor in your community! Read more about Alliance Bike Features!

Love what we do? Get ready to love it even more when we bring your dreams to reality. Reach out to us for a free concept of your new Pump track, Urban Jump Park, Skate park, Skills park, or exciting new trails.