Snowpark Groomers

When the return on investment in your snow park earns profit, then it is the right time to think about how to make your park even better, more creative and how to reduce the maintenance time. One of the best ways to maximize all of the mentioned tasks is to buy a new groomer that is specialized for working in snow parks.

It is possible to build and maintain basic snow parks with a normal slope groomer, however when developing a more advanced snow park, a more advanced snow cat is needed. For the maintenance of basic park obstacles there is no need for such a machine, but for special and larger obstacles, a specialized snow park groomer will allow a new and faster development and maintenance options.

The basic difference between a normal and a park groomer lays in the flexibility of the blade and tiller. But it still sometimes happens that the average working time is three times longer with a standard machine than working with a park groomer and trying to achieve the same result. It is not only about additional time, work and costs. Some advanced snow park obstacles can simply not be built by using a standard machine as its characteristics do not enable work in such conditions. As a consequence, the results are unsatisfying and can be compared to building a house without the right tools, which results in developing a garage instead of a house.

Not many manufacturers offer park groomers. Some of the top level groomers are Bison X by Prinoth and Kässbohrers by ParkBully. A cheaper option would be groomers from the Formatic Company. Almost all of the manufacturers have a similar basic geometry, system of cylinders and the operation of the blade; however the biggest differences lay in the blade itself, tiller, joystick, a user-friendly computer system, steering system, length and weight of the machine, position of the driver and visibility. The same park groomers can also be optionally equipped with a winch, however it depends on the design of your snow park if you need one with a winch or not.

All of the mentioned groomers ale specialized for the use in snow parks and enable the development of advanced snow park obstacles, however each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses in the performance, easy operation and at the end in the price as well. Since most resorts purchase all groomers from the same manufacturer and all specialized groomers satisfy the demands of the development of advanced snow park obstacles, we have decided not to recommend a single model or manufacturer.

In the end, specialized groomers are all but cheap machines and are essential for the development of top level snow parks.