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Your solution to elevating the biking experience in your community! We transform ordinary parks into dynamic hubs of activity with our carefully designed biking features, suitable for riders of all ages and skill levels. From freestyle to pump track elements, our features turn any space into a fun and safe training ground for biking enthusiasts. They not only enhance community engagement and health but also attract visitors, adding vibrancy to your community.

We Offer a Wide Range of Features
for Every Skill Level!


Transforming Cities with Safe, Fun Bike Parks!

Urban Bike Parks are not just places for fun, but also outdoor classrooms where both children and adults can safely learn to navigate common urban obstacles like steps, curbs, rails, and various riding surfaces. City streets may be challenging for cyclists, but with our help, your municipality can offer a safe and engaging environment for practising and refining biking skills. These parks not only foster community engagement and promote healthy outdoor activity but also contribute to the safety and attractiveness of your city. Ready to bring an Urban Bike Park to your municipality? Contact us for more information or download a brochure.


Engaging, Accessible Fun for Your Community or Visitors!

First and foremost, biking is fun! But did you know that there are over 1.5 billion bicycles on Earth? That means there’s a huge opportunity to create even more destinations that inspire people to ride. That’s where Skills Bike Parks come in! These awesome parks are perfect for spending quality time with family and friends while improving riding skills in a fun and engaging way. Whether in the city or at a bike park, a Skills Bike Park is a fantastic addition that everyone can enjoy.


Elevate Your Bike Parks, Inspire Your Community

Freestyle biking is gaining momentum, and our dynamic Freestyle Bike Features are designed to meet this demand. Suitable for riders of all skill levels, these features bring excitement to any bike park. By incorporating our features, your biking spot becomes an even more appealing destination. Take a look at our brochure for more details or contact us today to discover how your biking spot can benefit from Freestyle Bike Features.


To Spice Up Your Pumptrack!

Looking to inject a fresh and exciting twist into your pump track? Explore the possibilities with our Pump Track Features! Even a modest investment in these additions can elevate the uniqueness of your track, creating an engaging and versatile space that will captivate riders of all skill levels. Ready to take your pump track to new heights? Download our Brochure or Contact Us Today to Discover How Our Pump Track Features Can Benefit Your Pump Track.

Facts and Figures

Experience our Skills Bike features: durable, custom, safety-oriented designs, crafted for all skill levels with comprehensive support from concept to installation.


Our Skills Bike features are designed to withstand outdoor conditions year-round, making them suitable for permanent installations. We stand behind the quality of our features with a 2-year warranty.


Each feature is meticulously handmade using the highest quality materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and enjoyment.


Add a personal touch to your park by incorporating laser-engraved custom logos, effectively promoting your organization while enhancing the visual appeal.


Our features are meticulously designed and manufactured to meet all relevant safety standards and regulations, providing a secure and worry-free riding experience.


Created by a team of professional riders, our features guarantee a perfect blend of fun and safety, catering to riders of all skill levels.


Our Skills Bike features accommodate riders of all skill levels, regardless of the type of bikes they use. Beginners and pros alike will find the extra challenge they seek.


Beyond providing exceptional features, we offer a full-service experience—from concept to delivery and professional installation. Our team of talented riders can even deliver a special demo show to showcase the possibilities.

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