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About Skate Parks

With skateboarding and freestyle BMX becoming Olympic disciplines, skate parks achieved mainstream popularity. They are especially popular among younger generations and enable a safe acquisition of skills on skateboards, BMX bikes, scooters, rollerblades, and other wheeled sports equipment. The surfaces and facilities in the skate park enable users to perform various tricks that have grown into sports and attractive Olympic disciplines in the field of skateboarding and BMX.

There are different types and kinds of skate parks, which stretch over areas from a few hundred to several thousand square meters. Due to many advantages of concrete parks, we mainly focus on the design and construction of custom-built concrete skate parks.

Creating Communities

The youth of today is looking for opportunities to express themselves through sport. While traditional sports don’t give them that opportunity – urban sports on the other hand represent not only sport but also a way of life. A skate park is a central place for all these users to train and actively spend their free time. Due to the attractiveness of a skate park, free access, and location in an urban environment, it also attracts a wider audience and passers-by.

Skate parks also enable the organization of various events and competitions that attract users and visitors from the wider area and even from abroad. Skate parks as a crossroads of urban sports are not only a sports facility but also an inclusive space that connects the local community and promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. Skate parks can also be combined with other urban sports infrastructure, like pump tracks, for example.


The breathtaking and impressive stunts of experienced users often make skate parks seem like a risky sports infrastructure. However, with good design and construction following safety standards, quality construction, and implementation of user guidelines, the majority of risks can be avoided. Skate parks are consequently also suitable for beginners and younger users.

During planning and construction, we strictly follow European standards for this type of infrastructure from the EN 14974: 2019 group, while an external safety consultant is involved in the entire process. Considering safety recommendations and protective equipment, the use of a skate park is no more dangerous than the use of other sports infrastructure.

Custom Made

We design each skate park individually and in cooperation with investors and future users. In this way, we achieve that the needs of investors and end-users are met. Users will consequently take the park for their own, use it regularly, and your investment will serve its purpose. Parks designed without the involvement of users are often abandoned because they do not meet their needs and expectations.

There is still the perception that custom-built concrete skate parks are expensive. Investors therefore often opt for less attractive prefabricated concrete parks or less durable and noisy wooden modules. Through an innovative approach, we have managed to provide our clients with safe, high-quality, and affordable concrete skate parks. We offer a complete turnkey solution, from consultation through design to construction.

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