Pump track – simple but attractive

  • Pump tracks are more accessible than comparable sports facilities,
  • Pump tracks are classified as easy-to-use sports facilities,
  • It is possible to place them on unused or degraded areas of 400 m2 or larger,
  • Quick build (less than 14 days),
  • Minimum maintenance and durability,
  • More than just a sports facility – unique and attractive architectural look,
  • Placement in immediate vicinities of users.

Our pump tracks are more accessible than comparable sports facilities and can be placed on unused or degraded surfaces larger than 400m2. In contrast to the so-called skate parks or soccer fields, the construction of pump tracks is not demanding and they can be built already within 14 days after obtaining a building permit. Placing such pump tracks is consequently quick and simple. Our experts take care of the entire process, from the first draft to fill the application for obtaining a building permit and realization. Our teams have designed and built over 40 asphalt pump tracks in 8 countries, so we can provide investors with a carefree, fast, and high-quality service.

Careless is not only the process of planning and construction but also the management of pump tracks. Our pump tracks boast a Certificate of Conformity with safety norms, and they comply with Austrian, Slovenian, and European standards for such facilities to the greatest extent possible, while they leave you unworried. All our pump tracks are also inspected by an independent expert for the safety of playgrounds, who also checks the actual compliance of the assigned pump track with the corresponding standards. Read more about the safety of pump tracks here.

Asphalt surfaces ensure durability, while maintenance is minimal and primarily limited to cleaning the surface and maintaining the green areas around the facility. In contrast to, for example, dirt pump tracks, the asphalt pump tracks are not exposed to any wear on the surface itself, and they also enable the use in almost all weather conditions.

A pump track is not just a sports facility. Due to its unique and attractive looks, a wide range of users, and the ability to position it on smaller areas in the immediate vicinity of users, the pump tracks will revive urban centers and neighborhoods and revitalize unused or degraded surfaces. One of our first pump tracks, which was built on a degraded parking lot, was ranked as an example of good practice at the Open House architectural festival.