Pump track in Skopje is finished

Last week we have completed the construction of the first asphalt pumptrack in the North Macedonia. Pumptrack located in the capitol Skopje stretches on 1700 m2 and is suitable for wide spectrum of users.

Pumptrack is as mentioned in the centre of Skopje, between the main boulevard and Olympic pool. On 1700m2 we have actually built two pumptracks, one for beginners, kids and users on wheelchairs and the other with jumps and higher rollers that charters more experienced users. Therefore, pumptracks address wide spectrum of users between the age of 2. and 70 and are suitable for the users with almost all sport equipment on wheels as well as wheelchairs. Along with the pumptracks, there is also urban furniture and lightning which will enable the use of pumptrack also in the chillier summer evenings and during shorter winter days. 

We have built the pumptracks in cooperation with public services of the City of Skopje. They took care for the preparation of terrain and drainage, while we took care for planning, built the pumptrack from gravel and laid the asphalt layer. The public services then started with revegetation of side slopes and implement the lightening system along with the urban furniture. Despite severe heat we have managed to complete the pumptrack in 16 days.

Due to its attractive look and central location, the pumptrack immediately gained the interest of locals. First users have tested the pumptrack already during the construction, while the pumptrack is full of users on daily basis despite it is still not officially open. As the first and only such object in North Macedonia and wider region, the pumptrack in Skopje will have an important impact on the popularization of urban sports as well as on the promotion of active lifestyle among general population.

At the official opening we will take care for the demonstration of correct and safe riding techniques and demo rides of some of the best BMX-ers and skateboarders from the region. While waiting on the official opening that is planned for September, we are already building new pumptracks in Slovenia, Austria and Russia.

Want to have an asphalt pumptrack in your neighbourhood? Contact us and we would help you to find the right solution.