Pump Tracks: For That Extra Bit of Exercise 

Did you know that pump tracks can help young residents get more exercise and improve their health? That’s according to a recent study by the University of Applied Sciences of Arnhem and Nijmegen (HAN Sport and Exercise), which was commissioned by the province of Gelderland. The research got a lot of attention within the pump track world. And as it is a mission of Alliance to bring sports to people in order to give them the chance to live an active, healthy lifestyle, we want to share some details of those recent findings with you. Enjoy the read!

Proven: Pump tracks provide a healthy lifestyle for youngsters

The main findings show that permanent pump tracks had a high intensity of use, especially immediately after construction, and remain popular among young people between 10 and 14 years old. How come? The study found that the fun and accessible nature of pump tracks is a big motivation for young people. And to be honest: There’s something about the mix of fresh air, hanging out with friends, and zipping around, isn’t it?

Pump track – a popular place for all generations

More exercise, better health

In addition, pump tracks not only motivate those who are already active, but also help to increase the number of hours spent exercising among those who are not usually so keen on exercise: teenagers. According to the study, two-thirds of this group don’t meet recommended exercise guidelines. So why not build a pump track in your community and get more young people moving? 

The social aspect of pump tracks

Furthermore, according to the research, pump tracks not only offer a fun and accessible way to exercise, but also act as social meeting points within the community. Interviews with municipal professionals and volunteers involved in the pump tracks confirmed that these outdoor facilities play an important social role within the local communities.

Pump track – as social meeting points within the community

How to bring even more people on the pump tracks? 

The researchers of the Gelderland study stress the importance of continuously promoting the awareness and accessibility of pump tracks in order to increase their use and thus their social value. What does this mean for mayors, leaders, schools and organizations working with young people? Organizing events and programmes that include pump tracks is recommended. Creating extra activities for specific target groups (e.g. girls) can also help to increase attention and engagement, as well as supporting the social function of pump tracks as meeting places. To get an idea of possible pump track events, read this article on the Alliance blog: Pump Track Events: From Fun to Serious Racing Spirit.

Pump track – as an attractive event venue

Ready to roll into a healthier, more active community?

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