Pump tracks and safety

  • We have obtained a Certificate of Conformity with European and Slovenian safety standards,
  • Pump tracks are safe for users from 2 years of age and above,
  • Despite pump tracks being very safe, they are attractive and fun,
  • We are members of The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA),
  • Pump Tracks ensure a safe use in almost all weather conditions.

In terms of safety, we are constantly improving and we are also members of the recognized international institute for the prevention of accidents RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents). The question about the safety of pump tracks is very common. Due to the dynamics and asphalt surfaces, pump tracks look dangerous for many people at first glance. But actually, pump tracks are, if properly designed and built, safe for users. This is also confirmed by the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention (BFU), which places the pump track in the so-called blue group. This group also includes playgrounds. Safety is our utmost priority during both stages, planning as well as construction and maintenance. We especially focus on the safety of the youngest users, so our pump tracks are also suitable for the youngest users, starting from the age of 2.

In 2017, we have obtained a Certificate of Conformity with  European safety standards for playgrounds, multisports equipment, and facilities for users of roller sports equipment. In addition to the Certificate of Conformity with these standards, all our pump tracks are reviewed by an independent external safety expert, who verifies the adequacy of our solutions. An important safety element of the pump track is the information board with instructions. We have aligned its content with the relevant standards and regulations. During handover, we provide the customer with detailed maintenance and management instructions that will help you to ensure long-term safety and prevent negligence. We also inform users about the safe and correct use during the variety of on-site demonstrations and competitions.

Safety standards often limit the creativity of playgrounds and sports facilities, which are consequently less attractive for the users. In contrast, pump tracks are still attractive to users, despite the safety standards and guidelines, as they allow experienced users to constantly improve their skills and creatively search for new lines. While the youngest and beginners learn about the pump track and move slowly, more experienced users develop high speeds and jump over rollers. In contrast to the so-called skate parks, acquiring skills and progress on pump tracks is faster and safer. Our pump tracks have an asphalt running surface. The general belief is that due to the hard riding surface, pump tracks are dangerous when falling. However, practice shows that most users fall on the sides, away from the running surface, on a soft grassy surface. That is why it is crucial for the surfaces around the riding surface to be permanently covered with soil and grass, and that the grass is well looked after. In addition, the asphalt surface allows safe use in almost all weather conditions. In contrast to dirt pump tracks, where the surface is constantly changing due to wear and weather, the shape on asphalt surfaces does not change. Consequently, the maintenance scope is significantly reduced, while at the same time it prevents liability due to negligence resulting from inadequate configuration, which is the result of continuous changes.