Get a pump track in your neighbourhood

We are here to help you convince the local authorities or other potential investors to build one.

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Years of Experience

When we were younger, there were almost no pump tracks and similar infrastructure available close to our homes. That is why we understand what it means and why it is important to have a pump track in your neighbourhood.

We Are Here To Help

We guide you through the entire process & prepare free of charge conceptions to help you convince the local authorities and find other sponsors. Here are the steps you need to take:

Step #1

Check if there is an existing initiative

First, you need to check if there is an already existing initiative that you can join. If not, move to step 2.

Step #2

Set up an initiative

The more people you can attract to support the idea, the more impact the initiative will have. Initiators can be future pump track users and others who find the idea attractive. We suggest that you set up a profile on social media. We will support you with descriptions and multimedia to make your initiative more attractive

Step #3

Find the right location

Find a suitable location and get permission from the landowner in case it is privately owned.

Step #4

Send us the location and get the plans

Once you provide us with the possible location, we will prepare a free-of-charge conception and cost estimation. This will help you to look more serious and professional in the eyes of local authorities and potential sponsors.

Step #5

Get the local journalists to your side

Local journalists can help you to spread the word about your project and at the same time make the initiative more credible.

Step #6

Introduce the concept to local authorities and sponsors

Maybe the most critical step of all. If you manage to impress local authorities and sponsors, then there is a high chance you will get a pump track near you soon.

Start here

Get in touch

Start here – Get in touch

Let’s do this!

We build you the pump track for free

You have read it right – it is not a joke. Every year we help deprived communities to get the pump track that they could not get otherwise. Does your community have what it takes to impress us?

Step 1
  • Get in touch for detailed instructions and pre-evaluation,
  • Introduce yourself and your community.
Step 2
  • Find the appropriate location,
  • Get permission from the landowner,
  • We will provide you with a free-of-charge conception & material estimation,
  • Obtain the needed materials.
Step 3

Get the party started! With your help, we will build you a pump track in your community – for free!



All important information is contained in a handy format.

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