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What is a Pump Track?

A pump track is a continuous loop of berms and rollers that can be ridden without pedaling. Its shape enables fun and safe activities in areas that can be smaller than a basketball court. Asphalt pump tracks are suitable for all sizes of bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, and other wheeled sports equipment. A pump track is a progressive structure that is perfect for users of all ages and skill levels – from beginners to competitive athletes. Instead of pedaling or pushing, users move by changing their body position. Such an innovative movement principle uses all muscle groups and can be physically demanding.


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A sports facility for all generations

A pump track is truly the safest and best place to ride a bicycle, skateboard, inline skates, or a scooter.

Pump tracks are an innovative sports facility. They consist of asphalted rollers and banked turns, which are meaningfully connected to form a circuit. The versatility of the tracks allows for a fun yet safe sports experience even in smaller areas. The pump track can be used by kids with bikes or other wheeled sports equipment, but it is also suitable for training top athletes, as it has a high level of physical activity due to the fast movements.

A place for the entire community

The unique design of pump tracks allows the use of almost any wheeled sports equipment, such as bicycles, scooters, skateboards, roller skates and even wheelchairs.

The pump track is an attractive facility for the entire community. It is suitable for all skill levels and all ages, from 2 to 70 years old. It is especially exciting for children aged 5 to 14 because the existing playgrounds and sports infrastructures are usually unsuitable for their physical needs.

On the contrary, the pump track allows for quick learning of physical skills on various sports equipment while providing virtually unlimited opportunities for progress. Because pump tracks are suitable for such a wide range of users and the whole family, they are not only considered sports facilities but a place where local communities come together.

Safe environment

Safety is our top priority at all stages: planning, construction and maintenance. We pay special attention to the safety of the youngest users, so our pump tracks are suitable for the youngest users from 2 years old. This is proven by a Certificate of Conformity with European safety standards. We also have all pump tracks inspected by an independent expert for safety.

Despite the high safety standards, our pump tracks are no less attractive and fun. We are constantly working to improve safety and are also members of the prestigious Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). Our pump tracks have an asphalt riding surface that is safe to use in almost all weather conditions.

Simple but attractive

Pump tracks are more accessible than comparable sports facilities. Placing such pump tracks is quick and simple and the construction itself is possible in less than 14 days. Asphalt surfaces ensure durability, while maintenance is minimal.

A pump track is not just a sports facility. Due to its unique and attractive appearance, a wide range of users, and the possibility to construct it in smaller areas close to its users, pump tracks revive urban centers and neighborhoods and revitalize unused or degraded areas.

One of our recent pump tracks which we built on a degraded parking lot was thus ranked as an example of good practice at the Open Houses architectural festival.

Types of Pump tracks

Pump tracks are an inclusive sports facility that caters to the needs of the widest spectrum of users.
Nevertheless, when a certain user group is dominating, we have a variety of specialized pump tracks to offer.

1. Kids’ Track

Kids’ Track

Pump tracks are an inclusive sports facility which is catering the needs of the widest spectrum of users. Nevertheless, when a certain user group is dominating, we have a variety of specialized pump tracks to offer.
The Kids Pump Track is designed for kids of age 2 and above, enabling them to gain basic skills with balance bikes. Riding the Kids’ Track is not only safe and fun but also supports the development of balance and coordination. Kids’ Tracks are also suitable for wheelchairs.
Due to the small size of a Kids’ Track, it fits almost anywhere and can be a perfect addition to the standard pump track. You can read more about Kids Pump Track here.

2. Beginner Track

Beginner Track

A Beginner Track is a perfect solution for schools, educational institutions, and neighbourhoods because they are specially designed for older kids and beginners.
The Beginner Track is an upgrade of the Kids’ Track, but with higher berms and rollers, enabling beginners to gain basic skills on various wheeled sports equipment in a safe and easy manner.
Just like the Kids’ Track, the Beginner Track is also suitable for wheelchairs.

Find out more about Beginner Track here.

3. All-round Track

All-round Track

The All-Round Track is our standard track for all target groups. It serves the purpose of the widest spectrum of users, ranging from beginners to experienced users of all kinds of sports equipment.
Its design enables less skilled users to roll over certain features, which can be jumped over by more experienced users. The All-Round Track enables fast progression and remains interesting in the long run.

You can read more about our All-Rounder here.

4. Race Track

Race Track

Pump tracks are a perfect training ground for at least 3 Olympic sports. As the name suggests, the Race Track is specially designed to host athletes for training and competition. Higher berms and special features enable the development of higher speeds. At the same time, the pump track is still suitable for others, including beginners.

Read everything about the Race Track.

5. Jump Line

Jump Line

The Jump Line is an attractive addition to an All-Round or Race Track featuring several jumps in a line. While more experienced users can jump over rollers and other features on a pump track, the Jump Line is only designed for jumping and performing tricks.

6. Urban Jump Park

Urban Jump Park

An urban jump park is like a pump track but focused on jumping. It originated from dirt jumps but has an asphalt surface, which is durable, weather-resistant, and low-maintenance. The circular track features a series of jumps and is suitable for bikes, skateboards, scooters, and roller skates. It’s a clean and silent upgrade to traditional dirt parks, ideal for urban settings.

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