Often mentioned, but always worth repeating: Pump tracks appeal to a wide range of users. Nevertheless, there are cases in which the pump track should focus on a certain main target group. In such a case, we adjust the design of the pump track according to their needs. The blog series “Types of Pump Tracks” explains more about the different types of pump tracks, including interesting case studies. We start the series with the most commonly built pump track – The All-Round Track.

Pump track in Kirchdorf, AT

One for all

The All-Round Pump Track is our standard track for all audiences. True to the motto “One for all”, everyone – from toddlers to seniors – meets at this pump track. As it suits the widest range of users, the all-round pump track is also the most common one.

Obviously, the All-Round Pump Track serves the needs of a wide variety of users, from beginners to pump track queens – on almost any wheeled sports equipment.

If the main target audience significantly deviates from the average riding level, then special pump tracks that address the needs of these target groups make more sense. Examples of such pump tracks include kids’ pump tracks for younger target audiences, beginners, or a race track for more experienced users.

Pump track in Rače, SLO

When do we recommend the All-Round Pump Track?

Small communities, wide-ranging aspirations

Especially smaller communities often rely on the all-rounder due to limited resources. A wise decision! Because an all-round track offers both, beginners as well as advanced riders, long-term fun and further development of their skills.

The one and only

The designed pump track is the only playground in a wide area and should still attract as many as possible? Even then, the all-round track is the pump track of choice.

Main target group – out of sight

In some cases, there simply isn’t any target audience. Maybe because the topic of pump tracks is so new in the region that it is difficult to estimate who will actually be, end up riding, or because the municipality wants to include all residents in the new leisure activity from the outset. So convenient that we have the all-round pump track.

Pump track in Ivanovo, RUS

Construction & Features

The all-round pump track is aimed at all possible levels of riders. Therefore, the banked turns are usually 1.4 m high, while the height of the rollers and other elements varies between 30 cm and 1.3 m. Its design allows less experienced riders to bypass certain sections. Experienced riders, on the other hand, will find jumps and somewhat more demanding obstacles in these sections, which will make the circuit interesting for them in the long term. The all-round track allows beginners to progress quickly without losing its appeal.

Pump track in Feldkirchen, AT

Examples: All-round pump tracks in Austria & around the world

As mentioned, the all-round track tops the rankings among the most-built pump track types. No wonder it is represented in almost every country where Alliance Pump Tracks are located. And yet every pump track is unique. Here are a few examples to give you an idea of our all-rounder:


Kirchdorf an der Krems
One of our first pump tracks in Austria built next to the city hall is still one of the most attractive places in the town. Kids are now going to school with their bikes so they can do a round or two on the pump track on their way back home.

Feldkirchen an der Donau
As the mayor said, it is not the biggest, but it is for sure the nicest pump track in the region. Its location is unique – You don’t always get a chance to build a pump track in a well-known tourist destination, right next to the lake. So here we go, an all-rounder that suits them all. We have even planned a higher berm (1,4 m) on two sides of the pump track which is a convenient object for advanced users to have even more fun.


Placed in the very being of the town of Tosno. The pump track is part of a modern Urban park, where you can find everything you need to make your free time as active as possible.

This pump track is connected to a skate park to serve an even wider range of users. In addition to this one, we have also added a jump line, to bring even more fun to the already well-planned sports area.


Our first pump track project in Hungary was built last year in the municipality of Pápa. With this pump track, we have added value to the already existing recreation zone and given people another way to be and stay active.

Tát is yet another proof that having an all-rounder in your area is a go-to decision. Our second-built pump track in Hungary is located on abandoned land in the heart of the residential area and it serves long-term fun and further development of skills for everyone, from beginners to advanced riders.

North Macedonia

To bring the action to the people in Skopje, with placing two pump tracks – a smaller one for kids and beginners, and a larger one for more experienced users. Skopje was our first location to build a pump track in North Macedonia and this was also a reason to place an all-round pump track, to make it accessible for beginners, and still enough interesting for more demanding users.

The project in Skopje has shown great success and interest among various users of all ages. This is the reason we decided to build another all-rounder in North Macedonia, this time in the municipality of Veles.


Ilirska Bistrica
We have placed the pump track on the degraded area between the state road and the railway. Before there has already been a pump track, but it has deteriorated over the years due to a lack of maintenance and weather influences.

The pump track in Rače is connected to a skate park. With such an approach we have covered even more enthusiastic users. As another benefit of this pump track, we need to mention that location has been well planned – it is located right next to the school.

Do you think an all-rounder would fit your community? Contact us! We can help you choose the perfect location and create a free concept for your new pump track facility.