Everyone knows the feeling of an adrenaline rush. Now imagine having a place where you can experience that rush in a safe and controlled environment. A place where all generations can meet and greet, cheer on their friends, and exceed their knowledge and much-needed experience. The race pump track is definitely a place you should go – controlled speed and smooth movement while rushing through the berms and over the jumps.

In our previous blog posts, we have introduced to you:

  • A small but mighty Kids Pump Track, intended mainly for the little ones;
  • Beginner’s track comes in handy when there is not enough space but enough to bring more fun to the community;
  • An all-rounder – one for all – suitable for a wide range of users, from beginners to pump track queens;

And here it comes, the last in the series, a Race Track. Read on to learn why and when you should add a Race Track to your community.

Race Track in Wels (AT) can offer a mirrored layout with a separate jump line.

Athlete at heart, versatile by nature

Pump tracks are a place for all generations and for every type of wheeled sports equipment. Nevertheless, we design and build pump tracks tailored to a certain area’s target audience. As presented above, our pump tracks can be in general divided into three main groups that address corresponding target segments. The Race Track is the most demanding of them, suited to the most skilled users, while still being accessible also to the majority of others. Race track origins from BMX track, however, it is more accessible for the users as well as for the investors.  Below you can find more information on a Race Track:

Promotes sport & active lifestyle

Pump tracks are a perfect training ground for at least 3 Olympic sports. As the name suggests, the Race Track is specially designed to host athletes for training and competition. Higher berms and special features enable the development of higher speeds. As progressive environments, they enable a safe and fast development of riding skills and technique. At the same time, the pump track is still suitable for others, including beginners.

Races & Events

A pump track is a fully recognized UCI discipline. Race Track provides a perfect facility for local bike clubs and enthusiasts where they can train and organize races and events. Races and events attract and motivate users from the wider community to regularly use the pump track and improve their skills. We are aware of the importance of races for the development of this sport which is why we support the pump track races series – the Austrian Pumptrack Series as well as the Slovenian pump track series Pumpaj Slovenija.

Size does matter

Race pump tracks are the biggest among all types of pump tracks. They require more space – an average Race Track spans an area larger than 2000 m2. But if we take a closer look at this challenge – the size of an average race pump track is still much smaller than a football field. In addition, the features on a Race Track, such as berms, rollers, and jumps are also higher than on other types of pump tracks.

Start Small and Race Big

Normally, race pump tracks are too challenging for young kids and those who have just started their journey on the pump tracks. But we have a solution for this challenge as well. We can place a Kid’s Track right next to the Race Track. In this case, the beginners and kids are right next to the advanced riders – and still have their own safe area to learn the basics at their own pace and develop the necessary skills until they move on to the “big boys and girls”.

The size of an average Race Track in comparison with a football field.

When do we recommend building a racing track?

We recommend that you think about a Race Track if there is a need for a racing facility in the area. Usually, the interest comes from the local cycling club, which needs a pump track to teach and train its members and, of course, to organize races and events that attract riders from the region or even from other countries.

A Race Track can make the name of the city known far and wide. So, there is no doubt that everyone can benefit from a race pump track – local community, restaurants, lodging establishments, and even other attractive facilities for tourists.

Race Track in Maryno has it all: kids’ track, an all-rounder, and a BMX-style Race Track

Construction & Features

The Race Track is intended primarily for experienced users. They can jump or manual over most of its features, while less experienced users can still roll over them and develop their skills.

Race Tracks have, as mentioned, the highest and most advanced features among all types of pump tracks. The berms are usually at least 1,4 m high and are steeper than on other types. Also, rollers are more aggressive and higher. Most Race Tracks have riding surfaces larger than 1000 m2 and span a total area larger than 2000 m2. Some Race Tracks can be built in mirror form, which allows organizers to organize even more attractive events where two riders can compete against each other at the same time. Race Tracks are usually also full of different add-ons such as jumps. Experienced riders will find jumps and somewhat more challenging obstacles in various sections of the pump track. Race Track usually also includes several jumps or jumpable features, which make the course even more interesting for experienced users.

Examples: Race Track

Wels, Austria: The Wels Bike Club initiated the pump track facility with an integrated Race Track. The result is a mirrored pump track layout suitable for head-to-head races, a separate pump track for the youngest, and a jump line that attracts everyone from kids to experienced users. With such a layout, the pump track should not only meet the needs of the club but also those of the other residents of Wels.

Lebring, Austria: Lebring’s pump track is located near the high school and the sports field of the municipality and consists of three parts. The main area offers a Race Track with a mirrored layout for experienced users, where head-to-head races and other competitions can be held. Next to it is one of the largest jump lines ever found on a pump track in Europe. Of course, this pump track is not only hosting experienced and professional users. Toddlers on balance bikes, pump track novices, and even disabled people in wheelchairs can also enjoy themselves on a smaller loop that offers a safe and fun experience.

Trofaiach, Austria: The municipality of Trofaiach wanted to revive a once-popular children’s playground. The approx. A 1,300 m² area next to a residential area was chosen for a Race Track with many jumps and a smaller kids’ track.

Dugo Selo, Croatia: With almost 900 m2, the pump track in Dugo Selo in northern Croatia has one of the largest riding areas in Central Europe. No wonder, because it is a Race Track with an integrated jump line. It is only a few steps away from the existing skate park. It is also surrounded by a forest with many hiking trails.

Maryno, Russia: Although we built this pump track some time ago, it is still our largest, covering almost 5,000 m2. It consists of a kids’ track, an all-rounder, and a BMX-style Race Track. As such, this pump track facility meets the needs of both a popular local BMX club and a broad community. In short, it offers fun for almost every visitor.

Does your community need a Race Track? We can help you choose the perfect location and create a free concept for your new pump track facility. Contact us!

Race Track provides a perfect facility for events and races.