Are you looking for a way for kids to stay active and have fun? A beginner pump track is a perfect solution! It provides a safe and fun learning environment and helps users learn important skills, gain confidence, and improve their endurance and coordination. Join us and discover the joys of having a pump track in your neighborhood.

Beginnings can be fun

Looking for a pump track but don’t know if it will meet the needs of the community? If you know that a pump track is a must for your community, but there are certain limitations, we can offer you our go-to solution. A pump track that serves many and meets the needs of the younger generation, while still being fun enough to satisfy the adults who want to take their first laps on this explosion of fun. Still not convinced? Read on.

A beginner track is suitable for older kids and beginners on almost all-wheeled sports equipment

The benefits of the Beginner pump track are numerous. Riders learn valuable skills, gain confidence, and improve their balance, coordination, strength, and endurance. A beginner track is ideal for kids to foster a love of biking and stay active.

It is specifically designed for older kids and beginners on almost all-wheeled sports equipment, providing them with a safe and fun way to learn the basics at their own pace. Due to its characteristics, the beginner track is also suitable for wheelchairs.

In addition, the Beginner track can fit in a smaller area. If you do not have enough space to build an all-rounder and the Kid’s pumptrack is not the solution you are looking for, a Beginner track will certainly meet your needs.

If we want to appeal to as many user groups as possible, a beginner track may not be the perfect fit for the type of pump track you are looking for. This is simply because it is specifically designed to meet the needs of slightly older kids and beginners. This very advantage becomes a disadvantage when kids and beginners become better riders: After a certain riding level, the Beginner track becomes less interesting and the users in question will start looking for the next level of fun.

Due to the lower berms can be accessible also for wheelchairs

When do we recommend building a beginner track?

Perfect size
The beginner track is usually a bit smaller than the all-rounder and larger than the Kids Pump Track, giving users just the right amount of fun and confidence they need to develop their riding skills. Their size makes them the perfect solution for schools, educational institutions, camps, or neighborhoods with limited space.

If the budget is limited and the need for a pump track in the area is great enough, investors usually choose to build a beginner track. It will certainly meet the needs of the younger generations to develop their riding skills, and to satisfy the advanced users, we can always come back with a new project.

Construction & Features

Berm size:
The main features of the Beginner pump track are slightly lower rollers and berms than on an all-rounder. The height of the berms is usually 1.2 m.

Overall size:
As mentioned above, the Beginner track is usually smaller, it has up to 350 m2 of riding surface, but this is not the rule to follow.

To spice up the beginner track, we can add some fun elements that still meet the target audience’s needs. For beginner tracks, we adjust the size of the jumps and/or other special features so that they can be safely used by enthusiastic riders.

A perfect solution for an urban park

Examples: Alliance beginner pump tracks

As mentioned earlier, beginner pump tracks are usually built near schools, educational institutions, camps, or residential areas with limited space. You can find beginner pump tracks in almost every country that has Alliance Pump Tracks. Here are a few examples to give you an idea of our beginner tracks:

Vienna, Austria
The Vienna pump track is built in the middle of a city park right next to the Bike Motor Skills Park, as it covers similar target groups and allows for the safe and fast development of riding skills. The Vienna pump track is another proof that the beginner pump track can be bigger than the majority of beginner tracks.

Ljubljana, Slovenia
One of our pump tracks in Ljubljana is located in front of one of the biggest shopping centers in the city. We built it on the roof of the underground garage, in proximity to the main entrance. It consists of two connected pump tracks, a smaller one intended for kids and beginners, and a loop of a beginner track suitable for more experienced users.

Kozina, Slovenia
A beginner pump track can be a perfect solution for an urban park, which includes other sports facilities and playgrounds. It will certainly meet the needs of many visitors from all over the region.

Buzuluk, Russia
Built in a popular park on the outskirts of the city, this pump track invites children and adults from all over the region to be active and learn some new skills.

Polgardi, Hungary
A beginner track that has it all, an endless loop, and even the possibility to add some fun jumps and/or other special features to bring more fun for the enthusiastic riders.

Does a beginner pump track meet your needs? We can help you choose the perfect location and prepare a free concept for your new pump track. Contact us!