Pump track Stattegg – A Community Driven Success Story

Back in 2021, the Bikeclub Stattegg approached us with a vision. Despite Stattegg’s modest size, it is home to the largest bike club in Austria, boasting over 1,500 active members. Nestled on the fringes of Graz, the nation’s second-largest city, the club was not just another local organisation; it was a dynamic hub for cycling enthusiasts.

From a Vision to a Mission

The club’s vision was to create a pump track. But this wasn’t to be just any pump track. It had to meet the specific needs of its diverse membership and the broader community. Their requirements were detailed, including features such as broader turns to accommodate 29” bikes. They imagined this pump track as more than a facility; it was to be a central gathering point for training across various disciplines, a venue for events, and races that could foster a sense of community.

We dove into a collaborative design process, blending their insights with our expertise. The iterations were many, but the dialogue was always constructive. Together, we shaped an initial concept that evolved into a final, functional design.

Pump track Stattegg – a place for everyone!

A Thrilling Ride for All Skill Levels

The pump track emerged as a multifaceted layout, comprising a main track with 840 meters of rideable surface, a jump line featuring three attractive jumps, and a dedicated kids’ track. This intelligent design not only meets the varied demands of all users—from novices to seasoned cyclists—but it also enhances safety by segregating areas for different skill levels.

The cool thing about Stattegg is that it has three areas. On the one hand, the fast main track is really exciting to ride, the very attractive jump line and then there is the kid’s area, separated from the other tracks. It provides more safety for the kids so that they can learn to pump well.
Markus Pekoll
Mountain Bike Coordinator of Styria

From Riders to Builders

Parallel to our planning efforts, the bike club was proactive in securing funding. Their initiative brought the municipality on board and, after a meticulous process of acquiring construction permissions, ground was broken in the summer of 2023.

A local construction firm executed the groundwork with precision, transforming the land below the regional road into a pump-track-ready platform. Construction was a community affair—enthusiastic club members joined us during the asphalt laying phase. Their involvement not only brought a sense of ownership but also imbued the project with local spirit. As we laid the last stretch of asphalt, the club members took on the landscaping, an effort that cut costs for the municipality and added a personal touch to the project.

A moment from the Grand Opening of Pump Track Stattegg

Grand Opening

The huge crowd at the opening was a testament to the project’s success. The pump track in Stattegg was a dream realized—a result of close cooperation between our team, the local community, and the cyclists who would call it their second home.

Pumptrack represents added value for our community, because it is a meeting place for the young people and for the children and for the entire population, because the parents and grandparents always come to the pump track and look after their children.
Andreas Kahr-Walzl
Mayor of Stattegg
Kids having fun on Statteggs Kid’s track

A pump track with heart & soul

While we’ve built several pump tracks in the Graz region—from Lebring to Hart bei Graz, and Gratkorn—the one in Stattegg stands out. It’s not just its size that makes it unique; it’s the heart and soul poured into it by the people of Stattegg. They’ve set a shining example of what a community can achieve when they come together for a cause they believe in.

Our pump track represents an accessible and secure training haven, offering a straightforward and hassle-free environment for athletes of all levels. This facility stands out as a fundamental component in the comprehensive cycling education for our youth, providing a space where children can independently explore and enhance their cycling skills. It’s more than just a track; it’s a cornerstone of development where convenience meets safety, fostering a love for the sport and encouraging self-led learning.
Jürgen Pail
President of the Bikeclub Stattegg
Endless jump line fun

Stattegg Pump Track: A Landmark of Communal Effort

This project has taught us invaluable lessons about community engagement, project management, and the spirit of collaboration. The pump track in Stattegg is more than a cycling facility; it’s a landmark of communal effort and a beacon for other towns to follow suit. As we continue to build and design, it’s these experiences that drive us forward, inspiring new projects that are not only about the tracks we lay but the lives we touch.

Stay tuned to our journey as we take on new challenges and continue to push the boundaries of community-driven pump track design.

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