Pump Track – Investment In The Local Community

Pump tracks are an innovative sports facility. The advantages of pump tracks are recognized by more and more communities. In the past years, we have built over 200 pump tracks, and the trend is still increasing.

Due to many advantages, the pump tracks, however, not only represent a sports facility but are a long-term investment in the local community. A pump track namely is a community-wide sports facility. Asphalt pump tracks represent an attractive yet safe sports facility that attracts a very wide range of users.

Our pump tracks are suitable for users from the age of 2 years, which is supported by the Certificate of Conformity with safety regulations for children’s playgrounds. Despite the fact that such pump tracks are suitable for the youngest generation, this does not mean that they are not attractive to older users. On the contrary, the layout of the pump track provides a safe and fun experience for both, the youngest and the beginners, who are just riding on the pump track, as well as the top athletes who skip or jump over most of the rollers. Besides bicycles, asphalt surfaces also allow the use of other sports equipment on wheels, like skateboards, skates, scooters, etc.

A gathering place for the local community where all generations meet and socialize:

Since pump tracks address the widest spectrum of users, they are considered more than just a sports facility, as they become an inter-generational place for the entire local community. With an appropriate outdoor adaptation, which also covers wider areas around the pump track, like walking paths with benches, tables, etc. The other state-of-the-art sports facilities, these sports facilities are becoming a community center and, consequently, reviving the attractiveness of the area itself.

A promoter of active leisure time outdoors:

Both, young and old, are spending too much time in front of computers, TV and cell phones. The lack of exercise and spending time outdoors can lead to health issues in the long run. A pump track encourages the movement of all generations in an attractive and innovative way, in the immediate vicinity of users, as it can be placed in urban areas.

A promoter of physical mobility development among the youngest:

For the development of coordination and balance, physical activities in the age period of up to 4 years are essential. The diversity and organic form of the asphalt pump track and the innovative way of movement stimulate the development of balance and coordination, while the users also strengthen their muscles and the cardiovascular system. Since a pump track is safe for users from the age of 2, it is an ideal place for the development of the physical mobility of children.