Get Set, Warm Up, Go! Pump Track Events You Can’t Miss!

Listen closely! Can you hear the birds chirping louder than they were just two weeks ago? That’s the sweet sound of spring approaching. But wait, there’s more! Get ready to mark your calendars because we’re about to announce some crucial dates for incredible events that you won’t want to miss!

As planners and builders of pump tracks, it is important to us that riders have as much fun as possible on our pump tracks. Whether it’s mastering the perfect technique or simply having a good time, we’re all about promoting the joy and safe use of pump track riding. And we’re not stopping there – we’re committed to making pump tracks a part of everyday life for as many people as possible.

That’s why we’re proud supporters of events like the Austrian Pumptrack Series (AT), Pannon Pump Track Kupasorozat (HU), and Pumpaj Slovenija (SI). These aren’t just events; they’re celebrations of everything we love about pump tracks. So, get ready to pump, race, and cheer – because this is going to be one epic ride!

Reichnitz at Austrian Pumptrack Series // Photo: Hannes Mautner

The Austrian Pumptrack Series Hits the Scene Again

The BIKEMENT Austrian Pumptrack Series is gearing up for another round of action! The growth of the Austrian Pumptrack Series has been nothing short of amazing! Just look at the numbers: in 2022, they had 4 races with 200 awesome riders. Fast forward to 2023, and they have doubled the fun with 8 races and a whopping 579 participants! That’s double the riders per race compared to the previous year – how cool is that? And hey, who knows what surprises await us this year? Can’t wait to find out together!

Get the kids on track

Pump track racing events are a magnet for kids and teenagers. It encourages them to get rolling on their own. It’s no wonder: riding on a pump track is fun, and it also promotes balance and coordination. To ensure safety and because we care about the youth, we’re sponsoring the Bike School Pekoll again in 2024, just like last year. They provide experienced coaches who offer free kids’ training at all event stops. This includes valuable tips on riding techniques and group rounds on the pump track. Additionally, the coaches from the Bike School Pekoll are there to assist the kids during the races with advice and support.

Bike School Pekol: Last instructions before the race in Lebring // Photo: Bikment Austrian Pumptrack Series

The Event Locations for 2024

It’s official: Following the success of last year’s event series, the BIKEMENT Austrian Pumptrack Series will once again take place at a total of 8 locations throughout Austria.

  • Bike Base Bruck an der Glocknerstraße: 6. April
  • Eibiswald: 27. April
  • Klagenfurt: 11. Mai
  • Marchtrenk: 25. Mai
  • Königswiesen: 22. Juni
  • Hello yellow Pumprack Linz: 7. September
  • Taufkirchen an der Pram: 21. September
  • Grödig: 12. Oktober

Half of the tour stops are happening right at Alliance Pumptracks – in Bruck, Eibiswald, Königswiesen, and Taufkirchen. We’re a bit proud of that. Oh, and here’s a fun fact: You don’t need a massive pump track like Lebring to host a race. Rechnitz proved this during the Austrian Pumptrack Series 2023. The municipality has only a small track, yet it offers a fantastic event.

From the meadow to the event venue!

Fun Fact: Bruck and Taufkirchen celebrated the opening of their pump tracks last year – and this year, they’re gearing up to host some mega-class events. But Königswiesen takes the cake when it comes to speed from completion of the pump track to hosting an event: We’re kicking off the construction of this pump track this spring. And guess what? By the end of June, cheerful spectators will be cheering on their favourites at the race. That’s how fast things can happen!

Pannonian Pumptrack Cup 2023 in Budapest // Photo: Pannon Pump Track Kupasorozatban

Want to race on more Alliance Pump Tracks? Here’s your chance.

Our pump tracks are also hosting events in other countries. In Hungary, we’re participating in the Panonian Pumptrack Cup. Half of the events will be held on Alliance Pump Tracks – Pápa, Etyek, Hatvan and Budapest. And here’s your chance to save the dates of the upcoming events for this season:

There’s going to be a lot of fun on Slovenian pump tracks with the Pumpaj Slovenia events, but we don’t know where they’ll be yet. We’re also waiting to hear from the Croatian event organizers about when and where we should show up to be part of their outstanding events.

Why a Pump Track Event?

Why do communities decide to host Pump Track Events? Hosting a pump track event, especially on a bigger scale, comes with many advantages. From the media attention it brings to the municipality and the entire region, which can boost tourism, to the excitement it generates among all generations of residents for the sport. Competitions are a fantastic opportunity for riders of all levels – from beginners to experienced bikers – to gauge their skills and be motivated to improve.

Organizing such events not only increases the town’s visibility but also involves the local community. Working towards a common goal fosters unity and strengthens community bonds. In short: it’s worth the effort. For more reasons advocating the hosting of a Pump track event, check out the blog post on the Pumptrack Series 2023.

Austrian Pumptrack Series in Lebring // Photo: Bikment Austrian Pumptrack Series

Does this sound interesting to your community too? Follow in the footsteps of Taufkirchen or Bruck: Build a pump track this year and host the popular event next year. We’re here to support you every step of the way. Contact us today!