Pump track Deutschlandsberg: 2 + 1

Last September, the municipality of Deutschlandsberg in the southwestern part of Styria (Austria) celebrated a spectacular opening in its new Hörbing leisure park. There was plenty of reason to celebrate, as not just one Alliance pump track was opened… but two – along with a jump line on top! The pump tracks marked the first phase in the transformation of the former Hörbing sports field into a leisure park.

Our video of the Pumptrack opening.

We did the math: 1 + 1 = 3

No, there is no mistake in the title. We followed the instructions. It was important for the municipality to provide, on the one hand, a pump track dedicated to the youngest ones and on the other hand, experienced users and teenagers should have a place where they can further develop their skills in a playful manner. So here we go: Kids track + one big pump track along with a separate jump line will provide with 3 different user experiences and serve the needs of different generations for many years.


Part of Deutschlandsberg’s new pump track facility is a Kids-Track. This is small but mighty pump track is located in a kids-friendly environment: in a park, right next to a kid’s playground. This track is a good example of the ideal integration of a pump track into the existing environment as we have built it around the existing tree, which will give the much-needed shade in the summer.

Did you know? A kids’ pump track is ideal for acquiring basic motor skills with balance bikes and all other wheeled sports equipment. So, the little ones gradually get skilled with pump track riding in a safe environment. By the way, Kids-Tracks are even suitable for wheelchairs. Read more about the benefits of this Small but Mighty pump tracks in our blog post.

Luftaufnahme von einem Kinder Pumptrack neben einem Spielplatz in einem Park mit vielen Bäumen.
The perfectly placed Kids Track with a shade-giving tree in the middle.


The second part of our work in Deutschlandsberg is located on the other side of a small river, next to a beachvolley court and other sports facilities. It is a flowy All-rounder pump track with curves and jumps, where everyone, from young to young by heart, can have fun. The design of an All-rounder track allows beginners to bypass certain sections, while the experienced riders can find jumps and slightly more challenging obstacles in these sections. This pump track layout will definitely stay interesting for the users on the long run.

Zwei Fahrradfahrerinnen in der Kurve eines Pumptracks.
The riders love the banked curves of the All-rounder track.

Jumpline loop

Last but not least, it’s time to take off: Right next to the All-rounder track, a Jumpline loop is calling for some air time. The sequence of jumps is designed in a loop: You start on a hill, then come two jumps, followed by a 180-degree banked curve. The finale is another two jumps which brings you back to where it all started – on the hill.

After constructing over 200 pump tracks worldwide, we’ve observed a consistent trend: advanced riders particularly enjoy the thrill of jumping. This motivated us to innovate, integrating jumplines into our pump tracks as an exciting enhancement. With a Jumpline loop, even for pump track queens and kings, it won’t get boring quickly in Deutschlandsberg.

Ein BMX Fahrer bei einem Sprung in der Luft der einen Trick macht. Der Sprung ist auf einer Jumpline, diese wiederum ein Teil einer Pumptrackanlage.
Catching some air time on the jumpline loop.
I find the jump line at Pump Track Deutschlandsberg quite unique, having two jumps in both directions. You can definitely improve your skills and tricks there.
Nils Potyka
Alliance team rider

Why different tracks?

It is quite common to place a Kids-Track as a standalone pump track right next to a bigger pump track. This is recommended in many cases because beginners do not accidentally roll into the bigger track. Additionally, slower and some bit unsure users (or their parents) don’t have to worry about being run over by a faster rider. On the other hand, faster riders can enjoy undisturbed on their own track. So, the clear advantage is: the different skill levels of users don’t interfere with each other and they can all get what they came for while visiting a pump track.

I developed a really good feeling for my bike on the pump track. That generally helps in cycling when you have to get the bike moving through your own power and movement.
Sophie Gutöhrle
Vice World Champion in Junior Women’s Downhill at the MTB World Championships 2020 and Alliance team rider
Schüler*innen am Starthügel eines Pumptracks. Sie sitzen auf Rädern und haben Helm auf.
Kids enjoying their new pump track for the first time with the rental bikes.

Outdoor fun 365 days a year

Another concern of Deutschlandsberg was to provide the community members with a sports facility that is usable all year round and at any time. A clear case for an asphalt pump track! Thanks to its surface, it is weather-resistant and also easy to maintain. An asphalt track is durable and long-lasting. Therefore, if cleared of snow in winter, it can be safely ridden at any time of the year. Read more about this weather-resistant sports facility.

A bright idea

What additionally speaks for a pump track as an all-year-round sports facility: With the increasingly milder winters, there are no limits to the fun of riding at the pump track even in autumn and winter. All you need to provide is the proper lighting system. Read more about how to properly bring light to the pump tracks.

We aimed for a facility that’s easily accessible to everyone, where you can develop your skills, build team spirit, and feel at home. That’s why a pump track was the perfect fit for us!
Josef Wallner
Mayor of Deutschlandsberg
Fahrradfahrer*innen springen und machen Tricks auf einem Pumptrack. Kinder schauen begeistert zu.
The jumps of the pros thrill the kids.

The opening: a successful event

The opening of the Pumptrack Deutschlandsberg in September 2023 was a huge success! What is definitely a sign that speaks for the success of the project itself. Local school organized a sports day and brought around 400 kids to the pump track. A highlight of the day was for sure a free bike rental including helmets provided by a local sports dealer, so everyone could try the new pump track.

Pumptrack riding instead of sitting in the classroom

Bringing kids out of school to present them a new sports facility was a great success. School teachers are even considering integrating such trips to the pump track into sports classes. The visibly motivated kids surely wouldn’t mind that. “When you see the kids and how much they enjoy it, the effort is definitely worth it! I am positively surprised by how well it’s received. When you look into the children’s eyes and see how excited they are to ride, as a sports teacher, you can only be happy,” says sports teacher Wolfgang Köstenbauer.

Are you interested in providing your community with a sports playground for all generations? Contact us today for a free consultation and concept.

We are very satisfied with Alliance team. Thank you for the professional support in planning, concept, and implementation. We would build with you again.
Josef Wallner
Mayor of Deutschlandsberg
Eine Luftaufnahme von einer Pumptrack Anlage mit Mauptstrecke und Jumpline.
The new pump track facility from a bird’s perspective.