Let’s talk about an outdoor living room for your community

With the intensification of many communities, urban residents no longer have access to their private backyards for outdoor exercise and social activities. Urban Sports Parks are consequently becoming outdoor living rooms – a space for unstructured, spontaneous activities and passive use rather than organized sports.

Combining a variety of urban sports facilities, clustered and connected by an open space network that can include trails, picnic areas, and native grass areas, Urban Sports Parks are ensuring the necessary infrastructure for sustainable growth and high quality of life. They are where our communities thrive.

And we are more than thrilled that our pump tracks are an important part of several Urban Sports Parks around the globe. One of them just opened its doors to the community of the fast-growing town of Kozina in Slovenia. Now a thriving urban sports park used to be a degraded area in the heart of this small town. The municipality decided to give something more to the community, so they have reconstructed the area, gave it life and a totally new meaning. The main attributes of the park are – the athletic stadium, kids’ playground, and our pump track. We believe that this wide spectrum of different sports options gives everyone – from small kids to professional athletes – a chance to find a place for themselves to be active.

Live from the field

We start the season at full speed. Currently, we are working on several projects in 4 countries.


An early opening of asphalt factories in Austria enabled us to finish the work on the pump track in Ternberg that has been built last December. In the same week, our team also showed their skills in the adventure park Ikuna, where we laid the asphalt on the run-in of bag jump. The next locations for our pump tracks are in Leobersdorf and Wagna.


In Slovenia, we have already built 4 pump tracks this year, while the fifth is in the making. The first 4 are smaller and the upcoming one will be the biggest pump track in Slovenia. In the next week, we are also starting two new construction sites.


The third country where we are currently building pump tracks is Hungary. After Papa and Tat, we are finalizing our works in Keszthely and already preparing everything for Dombovar.


Last but not least is Croatia. After cleaning the bushes and vegetation, everything is ready to start with the construction of Croatia’s biggest pump track in Dugo Selo.