Lights on: Time to light up your pump track

At this time of year when the days are getting shorter, creative solutions are needed to stay active. Some will find their way to exercise by using indoor facilities, but there are plenty of those who want to spend most of their time outdoors. Pump tracks are among the outdoor sports facilities that can be used all year round. Especially if they are equipped with a proper lighting system.

Lights enrich every season

Lighting a pump track can extend ride time in the fall and winter months when it gets dark earlier. Even on hot summer days, you often see a lot of users riding a pump track well into the night.  

Some will find their way to ride in the dark even if the lighting is not set at the pump track.

Why a lighting system for a pump track?

>> Safety is our top priority

When you add a lighting system to a pump track, not only that you fulfill the need for users to be able to use it longer, but it also means they can use it safely. Imagine driving on the road at night without lights – that’s dangerous, right?

>> Extend the fun

By installing a lighting system on a pump track, users will not only stay longer, but they will also be able to use it year-round. Pump tracks are indeed a playground for many generations and diverse using preferences: some use it during the day, some in the evening. Thanks to lightning systems users have the chance to spread their riding time throughout the day.

Good practice

Yes, we’ve done it before

We have built more than 150 pump tracks in 7 different countries. The clients who have directly integrated a lighting system are satisfied with it until today. They see having a lighting system as a great opportunity to extend the fun for another valuable 4-5 hours on winter days by keeping the lights on from 5 pm to 10 pm.

Pump track in Kirovsk where we’ve placed the lighting system together with a rest area.

Do it right. Think ahead.

It’s a good idea to know if a lighting system is an option for you before you build a pump track. If you decide to go for it, we will take care of the necessary infrastructure so that you have the right light in the right place when a pump track will be built.

There is also a way to save energy so the lights do not come on when no one is using the pump track, you can set the button next to the lighting system so that users can turn the lights on for a set amount of time on their own. If you are concerned about your pump track being too crowded and noisy at night? Setting a timer is a solution. You can easily set the time when the party is supposed to be over.

We also recommend that you look at the pump track area as a bigger picture – think also about the rest area. A place where users can gather and put their belongings while using the pump track. This space can be used as a rest area for users or parents who can use it while they wait for the kids.

Contact us for the concept of your new pump track area. We will be happy to help you with a solution that meets your needs.