Not all pump tracks are created equal. Before you build one, think carefully about its target audience. That’s why we are introducing the different types of pump tracks in our current blog series “Types of Pump Tracks”. The All-Rounder made the start in the last post. This time it’s about the pump track for the little ones: Kids Pump Track.

Kids Pump Track

Small But Mighty

The Kids Pump Track is designed for toddlers from 2 years old for novice riders. It is therefore ideal for learning basic motor skills with the balance bike. In addition, they’re also suitable for wheelchairs.


Kids Pump Track has many advantages:

  • A plus for coordination: riding a pump track is not only safe and fun but also helps develop balance and coordination,
  • A slow approach to new sports: do not let the name mislead you – Pump Track is just as suitable for beginners on bikes or other wheeled sports equipment as any other small pump track,
  • Small but nice: due to its often-small size, it fits almost everywhere, and in certain cases ideally complements a standard pump track,
  • Especially safe: If it is a designated pump Track, only children and novice riders can ride on it. This makes the pump track a safe place to try riding for the first time.


If a pump track is to be attractive to as many user groups as possible, a Kids Pump Track is out of place. Simply because it is specifically designed to meet the needs of children and novice riders. Exactly this advantage becomes a disadvantage when children and beginners become better riders: After a certain riding level, the kids Pump Track becomes boring and the users in question will start searching for the next level of fun.

Kids Pump Track Feldkirchen

When is Kids Pump Track Recommended?

Little Space, Big Effect

The pump track has proven to be especially useful in locations where space is limited. Such places can be, for example, in front of bars, on campsites, in city centers, and in front of schools or kindergartens.

Nevertheless, Kids’ Tracks are not necessarily small. The pump track in Eibiswald, for example, has an integrated Kid’s Track that covers almost one-third of the entire pump track. Read more in the “Examples” section below.

A Perfect Add-On

A Kids Pump Track is often a good complement to an All-Round Track or a Race track. Beginner riders and kids are right next to the advanced riders – and still have their own safe area. So they can relax and whiz down the undulating tracks at their own level, developing the necessary skills needed until they move on to the “big boys.”

There can also be a Pum Track, which can be part of a larger children’s playground or an Urban park.

Pumptrack Vrhnika

Construction & Features

The main features of the kids pump track are lower waves and berms. The height of the berms is usually around 1 m. As already mentioned, the Kids Pump Track is usually smaller (up to 250 m2), but this is for sure not the rule to follow.

If the Kids Pump Track is part of a larger pump track complex, there are two options for implementation:

  • Implementation as an independent pump track: this is recommended for many cases, as different levels of riders will not get in each other’s way. The different riders’ levels, therefore, do not get in each other’s way.
  • Direct integration into a larger pump track: If the Pump Track and the All-Round pump track are connected directly, this saves space during implementation. In addition, this variant offers beginners the possibility to easily switch between a beginner’s track and an advanced circuit. This option was used at the pump track in Aleja – Ljubljana.

Colorful Edition

Because kids love colors (and so do adults!): pump tracks don’t necessarily have to be black and gray. On request, we can dye the asphalt in one of the colors of the color palette that the client has in mind. Riding on colorful pump tracks is sometimes even more fun and attracts more children.

Alliance pumptrack Ljubljana

Examples: Kids Pump Track in All Variations

Sometimes as an addition to an All-Round Track or Race Track, sometimes on their own: Kids Pump Track are popular, both in Austria and in neighboring countries. Below are some practical examples.

kids pump track rus pushkino moscow

Standalone Kids Pump Tracks

Rabac – Croatia
The pump track in Rabac (Istria) was built in a hotel complex. It is mainly aimed at children who visit this resort in Croatia. With its technically simple orientation and small berms, it is ideally suited to the needs of kids.

Pushkino – Moscow
The pump track in Pushkino (Moscow) is also a pure kids-only track. Since it is part of a recreational complex in a large shopping center, the space was limited and the main target audience is kids. There is also seating around the track in the form of an amphitheater for spectators and parents, inviting them to stay longer.

Wildschönau – Austria
The pump track in Wildschönau (Tyrol) was created as part of a large recreational facility for families. It forms the centerpiece of the children’s playground.

pump track for kids AT Eibiswald
Eibiswald, Austria

Kids pump track + All-Rounder

Trofaiach – Austria
The municipality of Trofaiach wanted to revive a once-popular children’s playground. A large All-Round pump track with a jump line was laid out on an area of around 1,300 m², supplemented by a smaller Kids Pump Track.

Eibiswald – Austria
In consultation with the local bike club, we have implemented a somewhat larger Beginner’s track in Eibiswald which is planned to be used for more riders at the same time. This is because the size of a pump track determines not only the level of fitness required and the type of features that can be moved but also the maximum number of users who can ride the pump track at the same time.

Papa – Hungary
In Papa, Hungary, the Kids Pump Track was built next to an All-Round pump track. This approach ensures that users feel safe and have the space to develop their skills at their own pace.

Wels – Austria
The pump track facility in Wels is large – and, after an analysis of potential users, tailored to several groups. In addition to a circuit with an integrated race track, a smaller pump track for children and beginners completes the project.

Pumptrack RUS Maryino
Maryno, Moscow

Kids pump track + Race Track

Lebring – Austria
The pump track in Lebring was one of Alliance’s largest pump track projects in Austria. This particular pump track is located near the high school and the Lebring sports field and consists of three parts. A small circuit provides a safe and fun experience for toddlers on balance bikes, pump track novices, and wheelchair riders, but there is also the main area that allows head-to-head races and other competitions for advanced and professional riders thanks to its mirrored layout.

Maryno – Moscow
The asphalt pump track in Maryno (Moscow) is a huge facility with a total area of 5,000 m2. Four sections with a length of 700 meters allow complex training for athletes of all levels. In addition, there is a separate small circuit for children and beginners.

Would kids pump track benefit your community or destination? Should it be part of a bigger pump track or do you just need a Kids’ Track to provide a unique experience for the little ones? Contact us and we’ll help you choose the perfect location and create a free concept for your new pump track near you.