From Spain to South Africa

This year, milder winter weather allowed us to kick off the pumptrack construction season early. With five pumptracks completed and more projects in progress, we’re eager to share updates on Alliance’s achievements. Our pumptrack construction projects span across Europe and South Africa, with work in countries such as Croatia, Austria, Spain, North Macedonia, Serbia, and South Africa.

Early Season Pumptrack Achievements

Alliance started the season in Croatia, where the milder climate facilitated the construction of two pumptracks in Desinić and Sv. Ivan Žabno. In Austria, we completed pumptracks in Perg, Taufkirchen, and Rechnitz, and we’re currently working on a new pumptrack in Gratkorn. After Easter, we plan to begin building another pumptrack in Bad Radkersburg.

Finished pumptrack in Desinić, Croatia

Upcoming Pumptrack Projects by Alliance

Several additional pumptrack projects in Austria are awaiting construction permits. Once we receive approval, Alliance will move forward with building more state-of-the-art pumptracks for communities to enjoy.

Alliance’s New Pumptrack Projects in Spain and North Macedonia

After Easter, Alliance will commence constructing more pumptracks in Tolosa, Spain, and Strumica, North Macedonia. Having successfully completed pumptracks in these countries before, we’re excited to create even more top-quality recreational spaces for these communities.

Pumptrack and trails in South Africa

We are particularly excited about our ongoing pumptrack project in South Africa, as we continue to expand our global reach. Presently, our team is engaged in the conceptual planning of pumptrack and mountain biking trails near the renowned Kruger National Park. This project will contribute to the development of sustainable ecotourism in the area, providing exciting and accessible recreational opportunities for locals and visitors alike. By integrating these facilities into the region’s natural beauty, we aim to foster a greater appreciation for the environment and encourage responsible outdoor practices.

Alliance’s Skatepark Project in Serbia

In addition to our focus on pumptracks, the Alliance team is diligently working on constructing a concrete skatepark in Kruševac, Serbia. This project showcases our commitment to creating diverse recreational spaces for communities and highlights our company’s versatility.

Building skatepark in Kruševac, Serbia

Connect with Alliance

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