Five steps to chose the right pump track location

Choosing the right location is one of the basic factors for a successful pump track placement. In addition to the well-designed and built pump track, the right location will also attract plenty of visitors and users.

One of the advantages of pump tracks is that we can place them in the immediate vicinity of users, that is, in urban centers. Even if there is a lack of space in urban areas, such pump tracks can already be placed in areas with 300 m2 of surface, while their shape can be adapted to the shape of the selected area. Since these types of tracks also feature an attractive appearance, they can be placed on green areas, within sports parks, and in degraded areas.

When choosing the location, the following criteria must be considered:

1. Urban environment
Pump tracks are serving the best purpose insofar they are placed in an urban environment. The pump track is thus brought closer to the users and enables them to enjoy a fun activity in a safe and controlled environment in the immediate vicinity of their homes. Locations in the immediate vicinity of schools, kindergartens, playgrounds and other sports facilities are also very suitable.

2. Nearby catering facilities
When placing the pump track, its location must not only focus on its users, but also on their companions and spectators. Catering facilities in the immediate vicinity allow parents to have a comfortable chat with coffee, while keeping an eye on their child enjoying the pump track. In addition, random passers-by are also attracted by the happening on the pump track. Catering facilities in the immediate vicinity of the pump track also provide access to toilets, food and beverages, and can also contribute to the organization of various events. If we cannot guarantee catering facilities in the immediate vicinity of the pump track, we need to provide a sufficient number of seating areas, drinking fountains etc.

3. Size, shape, terrain
A pump track for the youngest can be placed on a plot of 300 m2. If we want to attract a wider target audience, we need at least 700m2 of space. When choosing the right-sized area for a pump track, we should also consider and add the space for outdoor adaptations like seating areas and similar.
The pump track is adapted to the shape of the plot. The most suitable plot for a pump track should be rectangular or square-shaped, where the narrowest site should not measure less than 17 meters. For the placement of a pump track, hardened surfaces with a slope of up to 2 % are the most suitable. If the terrain configuration does not meet the requirements, it can of course be adjusted, but this is connected with additional costs. Pump tracks can also be placed on degraded areas, such as wild/abandoned car parks, which are currently destroying the view of your vicinity.

4. Existing infrastructure
When placing a pump track, we must pay attention to the existing infrastructure and consider the associated buffer zones. Since the construction of a pump track does not require major excavations (except for seepage water, if necessary), it is usually possible to reach an agreement on the placement of the pump track even within the buffer zone itself, in cooperation with the infrastructure managers.

5. Protected areas and spatial planning documents
Despite the fact that in most cases pump tracks are simple objects, their placement in an area must be in accordance with the applicable spatial planning documents. Potential protected areas must also be considered.
Are you able to choose the right location based on the above criteria? Send us the location information and we’ll create a free placement template. If you have more than one site available, we are happy to advise you on the best choice and also create a free placement template for the pump track. We also help you to obtain all necessary permissions and manage and implement the entire process – from idea to realization.