Pump Track Events: From Fun to Serious Racing Spirit

Pump tracks are making a significant mark in the area of urban sports infrastructure. When it comes to planning and constructing these sports facilities, it is crucial to keep in mind the engagement of future users and their preparation for using them safely.

By hosting exciting openings, events, and competitive contests on the highest level, we manage to capture the interest of our local community. While one-time events help promote pump tracks, competitions encourage people to use them more often and get better at competing. This, in turn, sparks the desire for a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Pump Track Competitions for All

Using pump tracks is no longer just a fun activity, but it’s also considered a sport. It became an official discipline of the International Cycling Union UCI. It’s not only bikers who compete in these contests, but now there are also categories for scooters, skateboards, and inline skates.

Competitions can happen on almost any pump track, but for top-level events, a race pump track is highly recommended. It is designed for high speeds and advanced skills. These tracks are larger and more challenging. Some of them are even mirrored, allowing two riders to race against each other at the same time.

A moment captured at the grand opening of the Stattegg pump track

From Racing Grounds to Training Grounds

Organizing competitions and events doesn’t just make the place well-known, it also gets the local community involved. Competitions help show that using pump tracks is a fun and healthy way to spend free time. They’re also a great way to teach everyone, from beginners to more experienced users, how to use a pump track safely.

When top competitors show their skills, it sets a high standard and encourages others to use and practice on the track. Since pump tracks are considered a sport, not just for fun, there are sports users who regularly train on these tracks. Be prepared, your pump track can be used not only by users from nearby areas but also from other places.

Kids watching our team rider how to do tricks on the jump line at the Deutrschlandsberg opening

Join the Pumptrack Movement

We support the Austrian Pumptrack Series, an event that helps the exciting sport grow in Austria. This year, our Alliance pump tracks hosted 4 out of 10 events in the Austrian Pumptrack Series.

But that’s not all – our pump track in Gratkorn was a crucial part of the first Austrian National Cup in pump track racing. This event was a big deal and brought talented riders from all over Austria to compete on our top-notch track. In addition to the Austrian Pumptrack Series, we also hosted the national championship on our pump tracks in Slovenia and Hungary.

Organizing these competitions on our pump tracks helps us realize the sport’s incredible potential for the future. As designers, we are committed to actively improving pump tracks to make them suitable for both major events and everyday enjoyment.

Join the hype.

Get in touch with us. Together, we can build a pump track that becomes a popular spot for upcoming events. Let’s create an unforgettable atmosphere full of excitement and team spirit.