European Mobility Week 2022: Join us!

It will take place again from Friday, September 16th to Thursday, September 22nd, 2022: the European Mobility Week (EMW). This year the Europe-wide initiative is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Their goal is still to bring the advantages of a car-free environment closer to the entire population and to sensitize them to alternative modes of transport. Exactly, these “alternative modes of transportation” also include bikes. A good reason to motivate you to bike and ride pump tracks – and to show you the advantages of pump tracks for sustainable cities and communities.

Away from the car, into the fun experience!

Bikes and other sports equipment on wheels such as skateboards, inline skates, scooters, etc. are clearly among the sustainable means of transport. However, we conclude from statistics that people also use conventional, environmentally harmful means of transport for shorter distances. In other words, many of us still love our cars. Why is that? The decisive factor for the lack of interest in sustainable means of transport is above all the comfort that driving a car offers. Our approach to change is simple and sustainable: we should present sustainable mobility as an interesting and rewarding experience. An experience that is fun and easily accessible.

Pump tracks as promotors of sustainable mobility

Pump tracks meet this requirement for an attractive and easily accessible experience. They are also a safe environment for users. We are convinced that even inactive people can be inspired to exercise on a pump track. Sounds unbelievable? Visit one of our pump tracks yourself. If you have never been on one, take the EMW as an opportunity to change that. Find out with one click where the next paved circuit in your area is: Just take a look at the overview of all Alliance pump tracks on our Reference map.

There is no pump track in your area yet? Contact us. We help you bring a pump track to your community.

Briefly explained: the European Mobility Week

For everyone who reads about EMW for the first time: Every year from September 16th to 22nd, the European Commission for Sustainable Mobility calls on all cities and communities across Europe to devote a week to the topic of sustainable mobility. Municipalities, regions, companies, NGOs, and educational institutions – they are all supposed to provide information about climate-friendly mobility with various events. These events around the EMW would like to encourage the population to devote themselves to environmentally friendly means of transport and to try them out. The car-free day on September 22 is the highlight. So get out of the car and get on your bike!

The EMW 2022: Highlight for cities and municipalities

Every year the EMW has a different motto, such as “Fresh Air” or “Sharing Economy”. This year the motto is “Mix and Move! – climate-friendly mobility”. A highlight in 2022 will be the free webinar series for municipalities, cities, and regions. In five webinars, municipalities will find out what levers they can set in motion to implement a sustainable mobility mix.

You can learn more about Mobility week at their official website.