Cool, cooler, pump track!

Sweaty! This summer is about to break all possible heat records. In addition, the holidays had just started, and children want to be entertained – and so do we. Why not go to a pump track instead of going back to the local swimming pool? Let’s get there before the heat gets to our heads. In this blog post, you will learn about the 5 best pump tracks for days as hot as the current one.

Heat build-up? That’s why pump tracks are the solution

Green spaces: the key to sustainable leisure time fun

Nature is close to our hearts. That’s why we always try to preserve the trees on site when building new pump tracks. Why? Because, the larger they are, the more shade they provide. We are also planting grass around the pump track, which makes it more pleasant to watch the riders or take a break. We believe a pump track should include the natural world around it. Lots of green space is key.

A welcome alternative for days at the outdoor pool

The hotter the days, the greater the desire for cool water. But seriously: Every day at the swimming pool or at the quarry pond is boring at some point. Pump tracks are the ideal alternative for variety in the holiday program.

Away from the heat islands, onto the pump track

When city life becomes a challenge, especially during summer heat waves like the one we are currently experiencing, the downside of city life becomes apparent. So-called heat islands occur in densely built-up areas. It has been scientifically proven that the air and ground temperatures there are significantly higher than in the surrounding area. Therefore, urban areas need parks and green areas to provide welcome cooling for the citizens and tourists. Having a pump track built in an urban park is yet another benefit to attract users and invite them to stay in the shade while having fun.

Sustainable leisure activities

In times of climate change, creative solutions are required. This affects all areas of life – including tourism and the leisure industry. Green pump tracks are an option for active movement in the fresh air not only in summer but also in spring, autumn, and the milder winters.

The pump track in Feldkirchen has a special feature: wait until the end of the video

The top 5 pump tracks for cooling off in summer

Cool pump tracks for hot days: the following pump tracks are our recommendation for leisure fun in the summer heat. Please note: the order is arbitrary and should not represent a sequence. All five pump tracks would be our top picks – suit for yourself which one is your favorite.

1. Feldkirchen: Right on the lake, under the trees

What’s nicer than riding a lap on a tree-shaded pump track and then jumping into the cool water? Exactly: hardly anything. Especially when the thermometer reads 34°C or more. This pump track is located directly in the green area near the Feldkirch bathing lakes. The perfect place to hide from the heat. Feldkirchen is also a prime example that the location of a pump track is crucial to its popularity: it attracts both the locals and tourists.

2. Vienna: a shadowy oasis on the Danube

The green oasis with a view of the city center is located directly on the New Danube and is one of the most beautiful parks in Vienna: the pump track on Kaisermühlendamm. Our tip for the next heat wave: Get out of the sweaty hustle and bustle of the big city and into the exercise oasis on Kaisermühlendamm.

3. Poreč, Croatia: Mind the (Sea)View

Okay, maybe there is a pump track that we would aim for first – if we are in Croatia at the moment. The recently opened pump track in Poreč entices you with a pleasantly refreshing sea breeze in your hair while doing your laps on the pump track. There are also shady trees right next to the pump track. This makes it the perfect pump track for summer leisure fun.

4. Balatonfűzfő: Pump track at Lake Balaton

If you are on vacation in Hungary and long for a cool down, we recommend the pump track in Balatonfűzfő. This is only 50 m away from the famous Lake Balaton, where you can swim or sail next to the laps on the pump track.

5. Bled: pine trees, pool, and river

There are pleasant and very pleasant places on hot days. And then there’s Bled. The family-run Fluss Camping Bled is located near Lake Bled (Slovenia) on a green peninsula surrounded by the Sava River. In addition, a pump track recently adorned the campsite. You are almost spoiled for choice: ride the pump track, celebrate a pool party, jump into the refreshing river or read a book in the shade of the many trees. Our tip: it’s best to try everything.

Don’t have a pump track nearby yet? We can transform your place into a green playground for all generations. Contact us!