Königswiesen Pump Track: A New Community Hub

A brand new pump track opened in Königswiesen, Austria, on June 22nd! It was a big deal, not just for Königswiesen locals, but for pump track fans all over Austria. Built by our awesome team, this track was the perfect spot for the 5th stop of this year’s Austrian Pumptrack Series, and tons of people came out to ride and cheer.

An Event of Superlatives

Opening day was a great success! Over 100 riders, from beginners to experts, participated in the Austrian Pumptrack Series race. This was the 5th stop of the Austrian Pumptrack Series and the third stop in the series to be held on an Alliance pump track.

Besides the race, there was a Style Jam sponsored by Lines Mountainbike Magazine, where professional riders showcased their skills. Additionally, Bike School Pekoll, led by coach Christian Eder, had a special kids’ session where the youngsters got to take their first laps on the pump track with some expert guidance.

Fast Implementation, Great Success

Fun fact: the date for the race and grand opening in Königswiesen was set before the community even had a pump track. This bold move paid off, thanks to the exceptionally fast and efficient work by the Alliance ASE team. We have constructed a high-quality, durable pump track in record time. This allowed the important event to take place as planned, to the delight of all involved.

A Track for Everyone

The Königswiesen pump track consists of two main areas: Kids’ track and an Allrounder. The Kids’ Track is specially designed for children and beginners to gain their first experience. The Allrounder offers fun for both children and experienced riders. An optional turn-off to a jump provides additional thrills and makes the track particularly interesting on the longer run even for the expert users.

“From the beginning, it was important for us to build a pump track for both the youngest and the expert users. To ensure the satisfaction of all users, we opted for two tracks (Kids Track and Allround Track). This allows the pros to ride undisturbed and the beginners to safely get used to pump track riding.”
Roland Gaffl
Mayor of Königswiesen

A Social Center for the Community

Pump tracks not only promote exercise but also social cohesion in a community. The pump track in Königswiesen has quickly become a popular meeting place where people of different ages and backgrounds come together to have fun and make new friends. Such projects strengthen the community and provide a valuable place for shared activities.

Kids track – specially designed for children and beginners to gain their first experience

Successful Story

The opening of the pump track in Königswiesen was a complete success. The positive feedback from participants and visitors shows how important such facilities are for the local community. We are proud to have played a part in this and look forward to contributing to more projects in the future.

You Can Do It Too!

Do it like Königswiesen: Plan a pump track for your community. Your community members will thank you later. Contact us anytime. We are happy to support you in this! For more information visit our website or follow us on our social media channels. We look forward to hearing from you!