Austrian Pumptrack Series 2023

Believe it or not, you can find 34 Alliance pump tracks throughout Austria. And we are proud that 3 out of 10 pump track venues of this year’s Austrian Pumptrack Series are Alliance pump tracks. Why? As planners and builders of pump tracks, it is important to us that riders have as much fun as possible on our pump tracks. This includes appropriate and safe use as well as regular practice. We are committed to making pump tracks an integral part of many people’s everyday lives. That’s why we support the Austrian Pumptrack Series – currently the biggest pump track event in Austria.

Pump Track Series Brings Benefits to Hosting Communities

Imagine: numerous pump track enthusiasts, cheering spectators from all over the country, good vibes, local companies as sponsors, and local media, all in one place – for one whole day. The Austrian Pumptrack Series will do this 8 times this year throughout Austria! This of course brings numerous advantages for the hosting communities.

Media attention

In 2016, the first Pump Track Series in Austria was launched. Since then, the event has grown steadily. It is so important for bike sport in Austria because it attracts a lot of media attention: in the scene anyway, but also outside of it. In this way, Austria hears about the places and regions with a pump track. And this can also boost tourism.

A plus for popularity

Not only do the venues themselves benefit from media attention but so do the pump tracks. They are suddenly becoming more and more popular. Who would not want to ride on a pump track where participants of a well-known event are racing? Remember those pump track events are not only popular with teenagers or sports-loving adults but are also a fun destination for families who will sooner or later return to the pump track.

Foto: Weiermair Christoph

Sustainable motivation kick

Sporting events can be an important factor in crowd activation. In particular, people who participate in the Austrian Pumptrack Series are definitely motivated to do more on a pump track themselves – or at least give it a try. And we all know that a healthy amount of exercise and fresh air promotes physical and mental health. An event like this brings momentum to the community – one that has a lasting effect!

Safer on the bike

If you are safer on your bike, you better use it. Pump track events offer support in this regard as well. Because it invites everyone – young and young by heart – to be inspired to ride more pump tracks. Because regular training on pump tracks improves riding skills and benefits the entire population. Because better control of your bike impacts everyday life. Read more about municipalities with safer bike riders in one of our previous blog posts.

Strengthen community

There is a saying that ‘Birds of a feather flock together’. We believe that participating in the Austrian Pumptrack Series is a great opportunity for the like-minded community to come together and strengthen their bond. Participating in events like this offers a chance for people to create meaningful connections, and further foster unity in the community.

Foto: Weiermair Christoph

The philosophy behind Pumptrack Series

The Austrian Pumptrack Series is focusing on the fun factor and spending time together on the bike. And this is just another reason for us to recommend the event. Because this background idea is in line with the Alliance’s mission: our goal is to give as many people as possible access to meaningful leisure activities. Having fun in the fresh air with like-minded people is one of the best ways to spend the day in a meaningful way – and it’s healthy, too.

Pump Track Series 2023: Where & When?

This year’s edition of the BIKEMENT Austrian Pumptrack Series will take you through (almost) all of Austria. These are the expected dates:

  • 1st stop: Messe Wels – 11. February
  • 2nd stop: Böheimkirchen Bö-Track – 22. April
  • 3rd stop: Rechnitz / Burgenlandtrails – 20. May
  • 4th stop: Marchtrenk – 17. June
  • 5th stop: Alpbachtal – Brixlegg/Rattenberg 1. July
  • 6th stop: Lebring – 9. September
  • 7th stop: St. Ruprecht an der Raab – 23. September
  • 8th stop: Klagenfurt – 14. Oktober
  • 9th stop: Grödig – 30. September
  • 10th stop: Jumpworld.One Klagenfurt – 14. October

The first pump track stop in Wels will be part of the Bike Festival Austria. Here, participants will ride to their best time in a heated hall on a modular pump track, directly between the exhibition stands.

We promote riding technique for the youngest

Because the future is in the hands of our children, it is important to support them: At Alliance, we are convinced of this. That’s why we sponsor the Bike School Pekoll, whose experts offer free training for kids at all stops of the Pumptrack Series. Riding technique tips and practicing together is the focus here. The Bike School Pekoll coaches are also on-site during the Austrian Pumptrack Series to support the kids during the race.

Would you also like to have such a popular event in your community? Sign up for the next series. If you do not have a pump track yet, please contact us. We’ll help you create the best one for your community!