4th pumptrack in Ljubljana

In 2016 we have built the first pumptrack in Slovenia, located close to the city centre of the capital Ljubljana. Due to the positive feedback from the local community, the first pumptrack was followed by two more in 2017 and 2018. The trend continues also this year as we are about to build new pumptrack in Ljubljana as part of new shopping mall.

– In Ljubljana we have in 2016 built the first asphalt pumptrack in Slovenia
– Ljubljana currently has 3 asphalt pumptracks
– Pumptrack in Fuzine district is the largest asphalt pumptrack in Slovenia (over 2000m2)
– 4th pumptrack in Ljubljana will be located along the biggest shopping mall ALEJA
– Construction is planned for November

Asphalt pumptracks in Ljubljana

Asphalt pumptrack in Siska district that we have built in 2016 on the wild parking area was first such object in Slovenia. If there were some concerns about the construction of pumptrack before the construction started, crowds of happy users managed to eliminate them. The Municipality of Ljubljana consequently decided to build one additional asphalt pumptrack per year, each time in different district. We have scouted degraded and unused areas across the municipality and as the most promising selected one in Bezigrad district. In 2017 we have built asphalt pumptrack there that has 800m2. Due to the demand of local cycling clubs for a larger pumptrack, we have in 2019 built the largest asphalt pumptrack in Slovenia, that is located in Fuzine district and stretches on 2000m2. With the development of the largest shopping mall in Slovenia, that will be in Zgornja Siska district, the idea on implementation of asphalt pumptrack along the mall rose.

Shopping mall ALEJA

Shopping mall ALEJA is located in the proximity of the highway in Zgornja Siska district. The opening is predicted for the upcoming spring. According to the information from the investor SES Spar European Shopping Centers, ALEJA will be the most modern and biggest shopping mall in Slovenia, with investment over 150 million EUR. ALEJA will be more than shopping mall, as it will feature a variety of cultural and sports amenities. The roof will boast with volleyball, basketball and football court along with playgrounds, outdoor fitness, etc. In addition, next to the main entrance there will be an asphalt pumptrack.

Asphalt pumptrack ALEJA

As mentioned, asphalt pumptrack will be located next to the main entrance into the shopping mall. At the same time, it will be placed on the roof of underground parking. Pumptrack will be composed of two parts. Smaller circle will be intended for younger users and beginners, while larger circle will be intended for more experienced visitors. Together they will stretch on more than 1000m2. Along the pumptrack there will be also benches, lightening, trees, etc. At the moment we are finalizing the plans, while the construction is predicted for mid-November.

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