A Recap of Alliance’s Epic Year: Our Standout Projects of 2022

Last year was a very eventful year for the Alliance team. We had the opportunity to work on a variety of exciting projects, including building a pump track in a stunning coastal locations, constructing the first Alliance pump tracks in Switzerland and Spain, and even building a skate park in Israel. In total, we completed 57 pump tracks and worked on new bike trails in countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, and Romania. In this blog post, we will highlight some of the standout projects from the past year.

A Thrilling Experience in Budapest

One of the most notable pump tracks from last year was the one we built in Budapest, Hungary. This track, which covers an area of 1,500 m2, features a large jump line that is separate from the main circuit, allowing both advanced riders and beginners to ride without getting in each other’s way. The track is located in the middle of a park, making it a convenient and enjoyable place to ride.

Pump track in Budapest, Hungary – perfect spot for riders, providing a unique and fun experience

Ride. Swim. Relax. Repeat.

Another memorable pump track project was the one we completed in Poreč, Croatia. This track is located just 5 meters from the sea, allowing riders to enjoy the beach and waves after a ride. In Croatia, we have built also one of the largest pump tracks in Central Europe that can be found nearby the capital Zagreb, with almost 1,000 m2 of riding surface.

Pump track in Poreč, Croatia – only 5 meters from the sea

The Pump Track Capital

We dare to say that Ljubljana, Slovenia, is a “pump track capital”. With the construction of two new pump tracks last year, Ljubljana has a total of 7 Alliance pump tracks. Together with the city of Ljubljana, we are committed to making pump tracks accessible to everyone. They are designed to challenge riders and provide a safe and fun environment where everyone can practice their skills all over the city.

Pump track Ljubljana – Dolgi most, Slovenia / Foto: Grega Stopar

Alliance Pump Track Unveiled in Davos

The world-class Alliance Pump Track in Davos, Switzerland, has recently been unveiled –, located below the Aerial Adventure Park and adjacent to the existing skate park and dirt jump area. It offers riders of all levels to practice and improve their riding skills. It is a great addition to Davos’ outdoor recreation scene and offers a fun activity for all ages to enjoy!

Pump track in Davos, Switzerland – a perfect add on to Davos’ outdoor recreation scene

Hola España

Our first pump track in Spain, located nearby Barcelona, was another highlight from last year. This pump track will be part of one of the largest children and youth parks in Catalonia. The project includes a large skate park, a pump track, a children’s playground, a bio lake, and an esplanade lined with trees. “We want this area to become a great classroom to show how to create sustainable urban environments and how to fight climate change from cities,” pointed out Marc Castells, the city’s mayor.

Pump track in Igualada, Spain – one of the largest children and youth parks in Catalonia will be finalized in 2023

Year of Bike Trail Developments Across Europe

In addition to pump tracks, we also worked on various bike trails throughout the year. Some of the highlights included cooperation on new trails in Silvretta Montafon, Austria, the construction of an uphill and enduro trail in Bitola, North Macedonia, and the rebuilding of flow and jump line as well as trail maintenance at Bike Park Pohorje in Slovenia. We also created new skills parks in Vorchdorf and Wels, Austria, and were involved in a cross-border mountain bike project spanning Albania and North Macedonia. We also developed a master plan for a bike park with multiple trails at the rapidly-growing Romanian ski resort of Stana de Vale, and provided assistance in planning and legalizing mountain biking trails in Slovenia and Croatia.

Trail from cross-border project spanning Albania and North Macedonia / Foto: Robert Niedring

Get Ready to Skate in Dimona

At the beginning of last year, we had the opportunity to participate in the project of the skatepark of Dimona in Israel. Dimona is a small town of 35,000 inhabitants that is demographically at risk. Therefore, the city authorities have decided to create attractive activities to keep the younger generations in the city. One of these activities is the investment in the construction of a larger concrete skate park. In cooperation with American partners, we have built an attractive skate park that will provide a meeting place for young people from the entire region, and at the same time will allow training in the organization at the highest level. The project was completed during the summer months.

Skate park Dimona, Israel

In conclusion, 2022 was a very productive and successful year for the Alliance team, with a range of exciting projects completed in various countries. We look forward to continuing to build and improve upon the action sports infrastructure in 2023.

Join us in making a difference by building a pump track, skate park, or trail in your area today! Let’s get in touch!