May Update: 5 months, 18 pump tracks

One blink and it’s already the beginning of June. Well, it didn’t go that fast after all. Nevertheless, we always find it remarkable what can be done within 5 months. In the case of Alliance: We have built 18 new pump tracks in 4 different countries. Details and outstanding background stories you’ll get in the next few lines. And because after the pump track is before the next pump track: We are currently looking forward to realizing the first Alliance pump track in Switzerland soon. But now a little throwback to our last 5 months.

Austria: Of birthday presents & recycled asphalt

In Austria, we built 4 pump tracks with unique stories. For example: What do you do for your kids’ birthday if your kiddo is an enthusiastic biker? You build a pump track in your backyard. This happened earlier this month in St. Kanzian am Klopeiner See and we are more than proud to be part of this story.

Another story, you will soon read more about, is about our sustainable projects which just came to life. The pump tracks in Wagna and Leobersdorf are built from recycled asphalt, which has taken on a whole new meaning – being there to put smiles on the faces of the entire community.

Finally, we’d like to mention the pump track in Ternberg. It’s an All-rounder pump track that covers the needs of most of the users. We will soon start to work on our 5th pump track of this season – Pyhra, another all-rounder accompanied by a Kids Pump Track.

Pumptrack in Leobersdorf

Hungary: 4 pump tracks in 4 months

After last year’s first project in Hungary, we have built 4 new pump tracks so far with another one to follow next week. Happy riders in Tat, Dombovar, Keszthely, and Balatonfűzfő municipalities can already enjoy their rides. In the upcoming week, we will add Tura to the list as well. Polgardi and Budapest will follow soon.

Tat, Hungary

Busy in Slovenia

A lot is happening also in Slovenia. After Borovnica, Bašelj, and Lukovica, we have built the biggest pump track in Slovenia in the municipality of Ribnica, and a slightly smaller one in Ravne na Koroškem. Plus we are just about to finish another pump track in Radlje ob Dravi in the upcoming week. Works are also underway in the Slovenian capital – Ljubljana got its new pump track as part of the urban park. Read more about how urban parks became Outdoor living rooms for communities.

In the coming weeks, we will start 3 new projects. One of them is an add-on to the already existing one. In Vrhnika they have decided to build also a kids’ pump track next to the already existing all-rounder, to give users the opportunity to have as much fun as they are asking for.

Ljubljana pump track as part of an Urban park

Big, bigger, Croatia

In Croatia, we have finished a new project in Dugo Selo, which is one of the biggest pump tracks in central Europe, located next to the high school just a step away from the already existing skate park, surrounded by forest and walking paths. We have already prepared to build a pump track in the Istrian city of Poreč, only 10 m away from the sea.

Final works at Dugo Selo

Opening party in North Macedonia

There was a recent opening of our new pump track built at Veles in North Macedonia. The work was completed at the end of last year. Two more pump tracks will follow this year.

Opening party at Veles, North Macedonia

Sneak a peek: Switzerland

We are proud to add a new country to our list: Switzerland. Next week we will start to work on a pump track in Davos.