2023: A Global Odyssey in Outdoor Sports Venue Construction

As we bid farewell to 2023, we celebrate a year of significant achievements in outdoor sports construction. From extensive pump tracks to intricate trail networks and innovative skate parks, our projects have spanned eight countries, each with its unique challenges and achievements.

Expanding Our Horizons: Pump Track Projects Across 8 Countries

Last year’s highlight has been the construction of 37 pump tracks across diverse landscapes. Each project, from Austria, South Africa, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, North Macedonia, Slovenia to Spain, was a testament to our commitment to quality and community engagement.

While it’s challenging to highlight specific projects, as we strive for excellence in each endeavour, there are a few noteworthy pump tracks from the past year that merit special attention. In Austria, we constructed 16 pump tracks, with the Stattegg pump track being particularly exceptional. Not only is it one of the largest in Austria, but its creation also involved a unique collaboration with the local community. In Tolosa, Spain, we celebrated a milestone with our first concrete pump track. Another standout project is our inaugural pump track in South Africa, established within the Cape Vulture Conservancy. This project is not just a sports facility, but a vital contribution to the region’s active ecotourism development.

Stattegg pump track

Building for Excellence: Materials and Techniques in Pump Tracks

Our pump tracks were built using over 40,000 tons of gravel and 3,000 tons of asphalt, reflecting our commitment to durability and performance. We combined traditional methods with innovative technologies, ensuring each track’s longevity and safety.

Spotlight on Success: Championships and Community Impact

Our pump tracks hosted national championships in Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia(unofficially), turning them into epicentres of sport and community interaction. These events showcased not only the athletes’ skills but also the quality of our construction work.

Trail Building: Crafting Paths for Adventure

In 2023, we took our expertise to the mountains and forests, crafting over 10 km of mountain biking trails across three resorts. These endeavours, involving more than 8,000 hours of meticulous planning and construction, were not just about building paths but creating experiences. Each trail was designed to harmonize with its natural surroundings, offering both challenges and fun to mountain bikers.

Building a family trail on Rogla Ski Resort

Skate Parks: Concrete Playgrounds for Creativity

This year marked a significant milestone with the completion of three extensive concrete skate parks, together spanning over 3,000 m². These parks are not merely venues for skateboarding; they are artistic masterpieces, ingeniously crafted to merge sport with art. Their sleek surfaces and inventive designs have transformed them into iconic community hubs, fostering active living and urban sports culture. Notably, the skate park in Velenje, Slovenia, is a standout achievement. Covering an impressive area of more than 2,000 m² and featuring a diverse range of elements, it is one of the largest and most modern skate parks in both the region and Europe.

Skate Park Velenje – one of the biggest skate parks in the region

Design and Planning: A Vision Transformed into Reality

We preaped over 250 concepts and plans for pump tracks, trails, and skate parks during the year. Our global footprint in design and planning illustrates our ability to adapt to different cultures and environments.

Team and Collaboration: The Heart of Our Projects

Our achievements are the result of the collective effort of our 42-member team and many partners around the globe. The dedication and expertise of our team are the driving forces behind our successful projects.

Alliance Team

As we look back on 2023, we see a tapestry of achievements in pump tracks, trail building, and skate park construction. Each project, whether nestled in a serene mountain resort or bustling urban landscape, has been a step towards fostering community, promoting sports, and respecting the environment. As we move into the future, we carry with us the lessons, experiences, and successes of this remarkable year.

Want to be part of our story by planning and building a new pump track, skate park, trail or skills park? Contact us today and we will make it happen!