10 steps to a perfect pump track

Pump tracks are known for their easy and fast placement. In order to make the entire process for investors even easier, we offer the entire process of placement of a pump track – from concept to design and construction based on the “turnkey” principle.

Since many customers are asking about the placement process of such a pump track, we have described the process in more detail below:

1. Defining the target audience

Asphalt pump tracks are distinguished by a wide range of users since they are suitable for all users between the ages of 2 and 70 on all types of bicycles, pushbikes, scooters, skateboards, roller skates, other sports equipment on wheels, and even wheelchairs. Since each group also has specific requirements that coincide with the size and configuration of the pump track, it is necessary to identify the main target audience (children on pushbikes, youth on scooters, cyclists, etc.) in the first phase. Pump tracks will still be suitable for a wide range of users and will be especially suitable for the most numerous or most important target audience in your area.

2. Budget allocation

The selected main target audience determines the size and type of the pump track, which, to a large extent, further determines the amount of the necessary resources. Since the available resources have a significant impact on the design and size of the pump track, or the required size of the area, they must be defined before the start of the planning. Funds are not necessarily just financial, as they can be, for example, in the form of needed building materials.

3. Choosing the right location

Based on the selected main target audience, we choose the appropriate size of the pump track and the required area. Choosing a suitable location is very important, as the right site selection makes a significant impact on the number of visitors. When choosing a suitable location, you can help yourself with the information that we have prepared on the basis of experience with placing more than 100 such pump tracks.

4. Site selection proposal

The project starting points, defined in the previous steps, serve as a basis for preparing a free placement proposal for the selected location. This way you will be able to examine the relevance of the solution, and a 3D visualization will be prepared for easier understanding.

5. Documentation for obtaining necessary permits

Once the placement proposal is approved, our architects and engineers will prepare and submit the documentation to obtain the necessary permits.

6. Obtaining building permits

On the basis of the obtained permits, we begin with the pump track construction. The construction takes place in several stages, from site preparation work, drainage design, pump track configuration, paving, earthworks, etc. Most pump tracks are available to users within 14 days of the start of construction.

7. Landscaping

The complete arrangement of the pump track and its surroundings will transform the sports facility into an attractive contact point for the local community. As far as the external arrangement is concerned, it makes sense to place benches, drinking fountains, waste bins, lighting, and various other sports equipment such as slackline ropes, etc.

8. Safety assessment

Our pump tracks are safe for users from the age of 2 years. All pump tracks are planned and implemented in accordance with the European and Slovenian safety standards for such sports infrastructure, for which we also obtained a certificate in 2017. In addition, all our pump tracks are inspected by an independent safety specialist for playgrounds and sporting equipment who provides a thorough safety assessment.

9. Handover and opening

Upon completion of the works, we carry out the handover and provide you with all the necessary documentation necessary for the maintenance and management of the pump track. After this is done, the pump track is ready for the official opening. Impatient users start riding on the pump track already before we can complete all the work. Our team of professional cyclists and skateboarders takes care of an attractive opening and makes sure users are instructed on the correct and safe use of the pump track.

10. Competitions and events

Pump tracks are designed in a way that enables quick and safe acquisition of skills while offering practically endless possibilities for advancement. In order to encourage users to use the pump track regularly and in the long term, it makes sense to organize various competitions, workshops, and events.

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